Create FD, pay utility bills: Check out ICICI bank’s new banking services on WhatsApp

New Delhi: ICICI Bank has launched of WhatsApp services for customers, using which they can create fixed deposits, pay utility bills and access details of trade finance instantly. 

Retail customers can now create FDs, pay bills for electricity, cooking gas and postpaid mobile phones simply in a few clicks through WhatsApp. Corporates and owners of MSMEs can check trade finance related services like customer ID, Import Export (IE) code, limit availability of all credit facilities availed from the Bank, status of pending inward remittances and history of inward remittances on-the-go. The bouquet of trade finance services is available for current account customers with trade services enabled in their account.

The trade finance services are being piloted with some select corporates; they will be available for all in next few days, the bank said. The service for recharge of prepaid mobile phones will also be available shortly on WhatsApp. 

The new financial transaction services allow customers to instantly create fixed deposit and pay their utility bills from WhatsApp with just few simple steps.

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How to use ICICI WhatsApp Banking?

Save ICICI Bank’s verified WhatsApp profile number
Send “Hi” to the number from the mobile number which is registered with the Bank. 
The Bank will respond with a list of services available.
From the list of services, type the keyword of the service required.
The service is carried out and displayed instantly.

Steps to use the new banking services on WhatsApp

Create a fixed deposit: The service enables customers to create fixed deposit instantly on WhatsApp. Type keyword like <FD>, <Fixed Deposit> and select the FD amount—anything between Rs.10,000 to Rs. 1 crore–  and the tenure. The system displays interest rates for different tenures and the amount of money on maturity.

Make a bill payment: Customers can now conveniently pay utility bills like electricity, cooking gas and postpaid mobile connection through WhatsApp. In case of electricity bill, the customer has to provide electricity board and consumer number. For paying the bill of postpaid mobile connection, the phone number and the network need to be confirmed by the customer. For paying cooking gas bill, the customer has to confirm the gas provider and the customer ID. Type keyword like <Pay Bills>, <Electricity>, <Gas>, <Mobile postpaid>

Trade finance related banking services and keywords:

Check customer ID & IE code: Inquire customer ID and import export code linked to the customer account. Type keyword like <Trade> <Trade services> <Customer ID > <IE Code>

View credit limit: Check limits of all the credit facilities available with the Bank. Customer can see the limit ID, total amount of sanction limit, available limit and validity of the credit limit on WhatsApp. Type keyword like <Trade> <Trade services> <Limit Availability>

Track inward remittances pending for settlement: View all the foreign inward remittances received and pending for settlement. Type keyword like <Trade> <Trade services> <Pending for settlement>

View inward remittances credit history: Get to know about the credits received through inward remittances. Type keyword like <Trade> <Trade services> <Statement>.

The Bank launched a host of services on WhatsApp six months ago. The list includes checking savings account balance, last three transactions, credit card limit, get details of pre-approved instant loan offers, block/unblock credit/debit card in a secure manner, opening of instant savings account in a few minutes, opting for loan moratorium, access pdf of some prominent newspapers /magazines and locating nearby essential stores.

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