Multi-Millionaire CEO Establishes Trust to Provide Medical and Financial Aid to the Less Fortunate

Not all heroes wear capes. The world is struggling to cope with the challenges of the pandemic. This is the time where each one of us should step up and do our best for the community. Today, we bring you excerpts from an interaction with a philanthropist, who is spending his fortune to help the less fortunate – the Founder and CEO of AM Infoweb, Ali Merchant.

Giving back to society

BandeKhuda Trust established by him has provided medical and financial aid to over 1000 people. When asked about the reason behind the establishment of the Trust, Ali says, “Everyone rushes to make their millions, but after you have all the material wealth that you want, what would you do?

I am a firm believer in giving back to society. Each person should be socially responsible and do something for the people and environment around him.

We must use our gift of empathy to understand the suffering of the less fortunate and help them out. With this thought, the BandeKhuda Trust was established. Through it, we continue to make a positive change in the lives of poor and underprivileged people.

We periodically conduct free health check-up camps, blood donation drives, fund medical treatment, and emergencies, provide food security, and grant scholarships, among other things.”

Finding a cause

With his constant hard work and zeal, Ali Merchant expanded his business and built an empire. With his sheer determination, he earned this multi-millionaire status and is now considered an Outsourcing Guru and Industry Titan specializing in Health Information Management Outsourcing. What made him engage in philanthropy at the peak of his success?

He says, “I have grown up watching my father’s philanthropic endeavours, thus the idea of “giving back” has always been a part of my upbringing.”

Ali Merchant after attaining this position personally feels that it’s very important to give back what we earn for the greater good of society. He believes that it is our individual and collective responsibility to give back to the society that has given so much to us. He also mentions that the society we live in performs a huge role in shaping us, and making us reputable, so we need to give back to the society even more than what the society has given us.

What if one cannot find time to support social causes? He quickly responds, “It is not important to support all the causes. You just have to find one close to your heart and then do your bit. Every little help counts!”

Ali Merchant is surely an inspiration for our generation. He has led by example and through his actions, he has shown us that there is joy in giving back and each one of us must do whatever little we can to improve the lives of those around us.

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