Ace shooter Gagan Narang’s academy in Hyderabad flooded; equipment worth Rs 1.3 cr damaged

Hyderabad: The torrential rains in Telangana led to water seepage in ace shooter Gagan Narang’s academy located at the state capital. 

The Olympic bronze medallist’s academy, Gun For Glory has been submerged in rain water. Equipment worth Rs 1.3 crore, including rifles and pistols, have been damaged. Narang had brought the new air rifles from Germany and pistols from Italy to help the train the youngsters in his academy. He had purchased them with his own personal money. 

In a Facebook post, the Rajiv Khel Ratna award winner wrote: “We had water seeping into our ranges, our equipment, machines, all inundated. Equipment worth 1.3 crore which included 80 brand new rifles and pistols for our new range and 9 years of hard work by the GFG team has been adversely affected, washed away by the deluge.”

Even on the third day after the deluge, water is still being pumped out from the academy. 

Taking to Twitter to Twitter, Narang wrote, “These guns were to be used for our Telangana range project. Rain in the last 2 days dealt a heavy blow to our plans… Our effort to produce shooting champs from Telangana washed away by rains.” 

Though the athlete has not given up in the face of adversity, he has vowed to put his academy back in order. 

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