English Premier League: Everton’s Richarlison, Pickford apologize to Liverpool for heavy tackles

 Everton forward Richarlison has issued an apology to Liverpool`s Thiago Alcantara for his dangerous challenge on the midfielder towards the end of Saturday`s 2-2 draw in the Premier League.

Thiago eventually got up from Richarlison`s red-card tackle and created the opening for a late disallowed goal by Jordan Henderson but later reported an injury.

“Everyone who knows my background knows that I was never a violent player,” Richarlison said in a statement.

“I did not enter that dispute with the intention of hurting Thiago… I already sent a message to him apologising and I also do it here publicly. I hope he hasn`t been hurt and that everything is fine.”

Liverpool`s Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk was taken off with an injury early in the game following a wild tackle from Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford.

Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp said Van Dijk was “not good” and described Pickford`s actions as “not a challenge the keeper can do.”

Henderson said the England goalkeeper, who went unpunished after the incident, was sorry for his actions.

“Everyone keeps asking us about it so I`m guessing it`s a red card. It mustn`t be a good challenge,” Henderson told BT Sport.

“To be fair, Jordan came up and apologised to me after the game and (told me) to tell Virgil.”

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