removed disputed skin color search filter is a popular matrimonial website, where people come in search of perfect partners for themselves. However, the website has been under criticism for some time due to one of its controversial filters. The name of this filter is ‘skin color filter’. It is understood by the name that with the help of this filter, the website looks for the perfect partner for you according to your color. In June, a petition was filed against this filter demanding its removal. has now removed this filter as the matter grows. Gadgets 360 has also confirmed by checking on the platform that this filter has now been removed from the website.

Let us tell you, Hetal Lakhani, a US-based woman, started filing a petition against this feature of Lakhani filed the petition online through and said That “we ask to permanently remove skin color filters from its platform, which helps users find matches based on their favorite skin color.”

Lakhani told the BBC while telling about the online petition Told That they came to know about this skin filter by the users of a Facebook group. He said that the petition against his received 1,500 signatures within 14 hours.

The report stated that Lakhani said, “I was really surprised, because there is usually a social responsibility on the company … I wanted to deal with it in a way that really makes a difference.”

Statement by

In addition to the petition, Twitter But the public criticism was fiercely faced.

Regarding the feature, the company tweeted, “This feature does not affect matchmaking, although it was a” blind spot “, which has now been removed.”

Significantly, since the death of George Floyd in America last month, the issue of apartheid has been hot all over the world. Recently, Snapchat faced criticism for the issue, in fact Snapchat added a Juneteenth filter. The filter was considered racist and the app was heavily criticized. However, the company later removed this filter, apologizing.


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