Twin brothers post video of fake bank robbery on YouTube, may be 4 years in jail

Ellen and Alex Stokes are two famous YouTube pranksters who make funny prank videos to gain popularity on the Internet. However, now these two twin brothers have been overshadowed by the same work. In fact, these Tuber brothers had made a fake video of a crime like a bank robbery and shared in October 2019 to gain popularity on the Internet. The case is from the city of Irvine in Orange County, California. The District Attorney of Orange County, issuing a press release, has introduced charges against the two brothers, stating that if the charges on the Stokes brothers are proven, they will each face a maximum of 4 years in prison. These brothers are called the Stokes Twins, who have 4.81 million subscribers to the YouTube channel.

Press release by Orange County District Attorney’s Office The release According to the two brothers, in a fake video of this bank robbery, they presented themselves as criminals in front of the people standing around and the Uber cab driver, who got robbed from the bank. The video showed the 23-year-old brothers wearing a black mask and carrying a bag full of cash in hand. He was pressurizing the Uber cab driver to rescue them from there. Currently, this fake robbery video is not available.

Immediately Irwin police arrived at the scene of the incident and at gunpoint asked the cab driver to leave the cab, although upon exit the driver made it clear that he was not involved in the dacoity. As the police came to know that it was only a prank, they left the two brothers warning them. However, a few hours later, YouTubers once again carried out such an incident in a university. The police received an emergency call informing them of the bank robbery.

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer wrote in his statement that it is not a prank but a crime under which anyone can be seriously hurt. Even someone can be killed.

Alan and Alex Stokes have been charged with false reporting, misbehavior, fraud and deceit in the October 2019 incident.


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