Awesome! The internet loves the stunning wedding photoshoot of the Bangladesh cricketer

New Delhi: The internet has fallen in love with the unique wedding photoshoot of Bangladesh cricketer Sanchita Islam. The pictures are pure fun and praise Islam’s love of sports.

The 24-year-old cricketer shared the photos on his Instagram page. It shows him playing cricket on the field while wearing a traditional sari. She poses with the bat in different ways. Islam is married to Mim Mosaddeq, a first-class cricketer from Rangpur.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has also shared pictures on Twitter titled “Wedding Photoshoots for Cricketers”.

Everyone on the internet was obsessed with photos. When a user says, “When you marry a cricketer! You need to know some exercises! Good young lady!”

Another called it the best film of recent times.

Could not help a user but could not appreciate his perfect cricket pose.

Cricket fans from all over praised the cricketer and congratulated him on his marriage.


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