Manchester City manager Fernand Pentino says 4-6 weeks ruled by Pep Cardiola

Manchester City’s injury problems have been exacerbated after Brazil midfielder Fernando was ruled out for six weeks with a foot injury in Wednesday’s 3-1 Champions League win over Porto.

Fernandinho was only introduced in the 85th minute, but left at stoppage after experiencing what appeared to be a leg muscle ache.

“The bad news is, he’s on his feet, I think he’s out in four to six weeks.

Cardiola is already without key midfielder Kevin de Bruyne, defender Aimerik Laporte and Brazilian forward Gabriel Jesus, while he has a number of players, including German midfielder Ilke Gundogan, who lifted his best free kick to City 2-1 against Porto. They fell behind in the 14th minute.

“To be honest, we’re having a little bit of trouble with injuries. Losing Fernando at the end of the game is another blow,” Kundokan said.

“Of course there are others, and some have come back, and I am not yet complete after having COVID-19,” he said.

De Bruyne and Laporte are expected to return to training on Thursday, but it is unclear whether they will be ready for Saturday’s Premier League clash in West Ham.

“I think Kevin and Laporte will start training tomorrow, but I don’t know what they will be like tomorrow, so we’ll see,” Cardiola said.

“Unfortunately people came back, but now we’ve lost another one. We’ve going to London in three days, three days after we went to France to play against Marseille and Sheffield. The tables are so demanding, we need all the players,” he added.


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