Tesla reduces warranty period on used cars

SAN FRANCISCO: Electric car maker Tesla has reportedly reduced the four-year warranty on used cars to one year. The company provided no explanation for this change.

According to Electrek, the automaker previously offered a two- to four-year warranty on used Model S and X vehicles, but now offers only a one-year or 10,000-mile warranty over the original policy.

The Tesla China website also now offers an additional warranty period for used cars of one year or 20,000 km. The new warranty terms will significantly benefit consumers who purchase used EVs directly from Tesla.

The Elon Musk-owned company also recently canceled its seven-day, no-question, full refund policy.

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New buyers who want to refund a Tesla vehicle will now have to go through the customer service department and it is not clear what kind of circumstances will result in a full or partial refund.

Earlier this month, the company announced that it delivered 1,39,300 vehicles in the third quarter, recording previous distributions of 1,12,000 cars. This is a better third consecutive quarter than expected from Tesla.


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