Third Kisan Rail laden with fresh fruits and vegetables leaves Andhra Pradesh for New Delhi

Ananthapuram (Andhra Pradesh): The third Kisan train, an exclusive freight train ship to markets in various states, departed from Mulakalachery railway station in Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor district for New Delhi on Wednesday.

The train carries 242 tonnes of fresh fruits and vegetables from the Rayalaseema region.

The first Kisan train from the south was launched from Anantapur on September 9 and was ranked third in the series on Wednesdays, South Central Railway (SCR) chief public relations officer C Rakesh said.

He said in a press release here that this was the first Kisan train for farmers and traders to get a 50 per cent discount on freight rates under Operation Green Party.

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Four parcel vans took tomatoes and fruits to Nagpur and 8 others loaded musk, melon, lemon and orange into New Delhi.

SCR General Manager Gajanan Mallya said the opening of the loading point at Mulakalacheru station would benefit farmers in the area.

While ensuring maximum support from the Railways, the General Manager advised the farmers and traders to avail the subsidy for transporting fruits and vegetables announced by Kisan Rail using Operation Greens.


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