Launched Netflix mobile plan, pay Rs 199 per month

Good news for those who want to use Netflix. Netflix has launched a low cost mobile subscription in India after several months of testing. For a monthly subscription to Netflix, you have to pay Rs.199 per month. This service only has SD stream. Currently this plan is available for mobile and tablet users in India. Apparently, it is much cheaper than the current Rs 499 monthly plan. This program has been introduced for special Indian users. It is clear that Netflix wants to keep the Indian market in mind and reduce prices and connect new smartphone users with its platform.

Netflix has got a monthly plan of Rs.199. It comes with SD streaming. Subscriptions can be used at any time on the same device. It is also available for tablet. There is no support for acting on TV. Netflix says more people in India can use mobile for its site. By lowering the price, Netflix wants to give a strong challenge to the Amazon Prime video and hotstar already available in the market.

The testing of this project has been going on for a long time. Netflix plans are priced at Rs 499, Rs. 649 and Rs.799 are already available in the market. The price of this mobile plan is Rs.250 at the time of testing. But it seems the company has decided to further reduce the subscription price. Keep in mind that Hotstar’s monthly plan is available for Rs 299 and Amazon Prime subscription for Rs 129 per month.

Introducing the new subscription, Ajay Arora, Director, Product Division, Netflix, said that in India, our members use more content on mobile. They like to download Netflix shows and movies on mobile. So we decided to bring a new program for those who use smartphones and tablets to choose Netflix.

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