The BCCI announces the IPL playoff schedule for Dubai on November 10

Abu Dhabi: The BCCI on Sunday announced that Dubai will host the Qualifiers 1 and IPL finals and the other two play-offs in Abu Dhabi.

Qualifying 1 to compete between the top two teams in the league stages will be held on November 5th and the Grand Final on November 10th.

Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi hosts the eliminator on November 6, between the third and fourth place teams, as well as the qualifier 2 (eliminator winner and qualifier 1 failed) on November 8.

The Lions have played a part in the ongoing league matches at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium (24 in Abu Dhabi and 12 in Sharjah).

The IPL, which is fully played in the United Arab Emirates, is nearing the commercial end of the tournament as COVID-19 cases are on the rise in India.

The BCCI has also announced the schedule for the Women’s T20 Challenge to be held in Sharjah from November 4 to 9. The players, who landed in Dubai earlier this week, have been subjected to six days of isolation.

The final will be held on November 9th. Teams Supernovas, Velocity and Trailblazer will play each other once.

“All India Women’s Selection Committee has announced Magna Singh as Mansi Joshi’s replacement in Velocity,” the statement said.
Joey Kovit tested positive for 19 before being isolated for a week before the players flew out of Dubai in Mumbai.

The BCCI, which did not invite members of the state divisions and all members of the Apex Council at the start of the tournament, has now decided to invite them to the IPL final.

It is learned that an official will be invited to a state unit for the Grand Finale to be held in Dubai.

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