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Motor Vehicle Act: Now that the new Motor Vehicle Act is being implemented, vehicle owners are not only updating the documents but also taking the PUC certificate. People are now finding ways to fill out an e-payment fee online and official ways to display transportation documents online. Today, through this article, we provide you with information on how to make your e-Sallan payment online and track Sallan’s status. It is worth noting that transportation e-salons in different cities and states have different websites for online payment.

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways website: How to pay for transport electric transport

1) The first thing in the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is e-sallan Website In. It’s worth noting that the site does not work properly in Google Chrome during use, in which case you may have problems with Chrome, so try using it in another browser.
2) After opening the e-Salan website, go to the Czech Salan position.
3) There are three options to check the driving status, one is the driving number, the second is the vehicle number and the third is the driver’s license number.
4) If you receive a valid e-mail, you will see a downward movement, with the option to pay.
5) If you click Pay now, your state website will open for payment.
6) You can pay e-slot using your credit / debit card or internet banking.

Paytm: Transport e-Sallon Payment

1) Paytm is another way to pay traffic salon online. Paytm application and Website Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Faridabad, Maharashtra and Telangana support e-sallana.
2) To pay e-sallan for transport to these cities or states, open the e-sallan payment page on Paytm (application or website)

E-Salan Fee: With the help of Paytm, you can also fill up the e-Salan

3) After this Paytm gives you the option to select the respective e-Salan power, select the power.
4) After this you need to enter the saloon number, vehicle number or driver’s license number to view the e-slip.
5) If you receive an e-slot, all the details will come in front of you and you will get the option to pay with it.

If you do not see the option to pay e-salon, visit your state or city e-salon payment website. For your convenience, we Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtraசு Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Tamil Nadu And Rajasthan For example, some cities have links to their website.

(Beware, the owner of Paytm has invested in 197 Communications gadgets 360)


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