English Premier League: Arsenal manager Michael Arteta misses out after a 1-0 defeat to Leicester City

London: Arsenal manager Michael Arteta says his side have wasted their chances and were aimless in a 1-0 home defeat to Leicester City on Sunday night.

Jamie Verdi’s late close – distance title as a Leicester substitute was enough to secure his first win at Arsenal in 47 years.

Although Arsenal made twice as many shots and won three times as many corners as spectators, they could not find the net – even when a leading Alexandre Lockett stood right in front of it in the title case.

“We don’t look as sharp as the ball, we don’t have much of a purpose about the ball,” Arteta told reporters after the match.

“We didn’t manage enough consistency in our game. We didn’t put the ball in the box as much as we could. It was a very tough decision for us considering what happened in the game.”

When Leicester failed to record a shot, Arsenal had the ability to score again in the first half.

“In the first half, I was very pleased with the way we pressed and the aggression we showed. We did it well and nothing controlled them,” Arteta said.

But he was confused by striker Lacazette’s lack of finish: “Strikers need goals. He was sharp and aggressive in his game. He had a chance to score, but he did not.”

Despite only half an hour recovering from a calf injury, Verdi looked comparatively razor-sharp and caused numerous problems for Arsenal defense.

“He’s a world-class striker, an incredible talent,” his manager Brendan Rogers said after the match, acknowledging that his game plan largely rested on Verdy’s shoulders.

“The plan is to make sure we’re always in the game, and then keep him (Verdi) for half an hour.”

Artetta must have had a kind of ruthlessness in front of the goal, which signifies a late move where defender Hector Beller smashed a volleyball goal – but straight into Leicester keeper Caspar Schmeichel.

“Credit to them, they’re really organized, it’s hard to create opportunities. We created a good one with Hector, we did not change. This is a feature we need to improve.”


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