Sachin Tendulkar inspired by newcomer Varun Chakraborty: ‘Never fight under pressure’

New Delhi: Cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar received his first Indian call-up for the T20 Internationals against Australia on Monday, claiming he was impressed by the variations of the mystery spinner and the quiet head during the ongoing IPL match in the United Arab Emirates.

Varun has been bowling well throughout this (IPL). Very rarely has he given a few more runs at this level, ”Tendulkar said in a video shared on 100MB.

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“… what’s going on is everyone is watching how Sunil Narine throws the ball, so usually when Narine throws the ball, there is more pressure on the bowler from the other end and the batsman tries to hit him more.”

The 29-year-old Chennai-born emperor, who plays for Kolkata Knight Riders, has taken 12 wickets. He has taken the top five of this IPL. In domestic rounds, he plays for Tamil Nadu. According to Tendulkar, the emperor did not falter despite bowling most of the time under pressure conditions.

Varun was very successful, the variation I see, the confidence I see, he can cover the balls, says Google, Tendulkar who has a lot of records to his name.

He’s been a consistent actor, and I was impressed with his acting because he threw the ball in so many performance situations that he didn’t fuss in those situations. He was very consistent and confident, the batting maestro said.

According to Tendulkar, if a bowler has confidence and clarity in his skills in mind, he wins 30-40 per cent of the battle.

“When you run-up, if you are confident and determined in what you want to do, there are many things on your mind, and then the bowler’s challenge is a little less.

“Of course the ball has to be thrown from the folds, but your body follows what your mind thinks,” Tendulkar said.


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