Flipkart’s ‘Dasara Special Sale’ became the Realme Smart Game 360

During the sale of Flipkart’s Dasara Specials, the RealMe Smart Game 360 ​​is available for purchase at a special discount. The Reality Smart Game 360 ​​was launched at a price of Rs 29,999, however a discount of Rs 400 was offered during the sale. With this you can now buy this security camera at a slightly cheaper price. But the thing to note is that this cell is only live until October 28th, if you have to buy it, you have time until today and tomorrow. The Reality Smart Game 360 ​​is one of the many products in the company’s load order, with features like full HD video recording.

Realme Smart Game 360 ​​Price in India

Reality Smart Game 360 ​​Key Cost Sales fell by Rs 400 to Rs 2,599. Realme Smart Game 360 ​​last month To start Launched, its sale started on October 16th and now it has been discounted via Flipkart Purchased Let’s go. But only until October 28th.

Realme Smart Game 360 ​​Specifications, Features

The Reality Smart Game 360 ​​was launched in India last month during the IFA 2020 as part of Reality’s load line with the Really N1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush and the Really 20,000 mAh Power Bank 2. This camera comes with 1080p full HD video recording support. It also has AI motion detection support for real-time alerts and customers can use two-way voicemail for long distance calls.

It has a wide dynamic range, 3D noise cancellation algorithm to improve image quality and features like a mechanical kimble 360 ​​degree panoramic view to eliminate better edge detachment and brighter play. The RealMe Smart Game 360 ​​features infrared night vision mode for the night.


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