‘How many men were there’: Google gave some answers like this to Kupar Singh’s question …

This popular dialogue from the 1975 Sholay film “Kidney Soul” released in 1975 still haunts us all. Sholay’s character and its iconic dialogue have made such a deep impression on all of us that they are still remembered today. This famous verse from Sholay was depicted in the film and we all still remember it well today. ‘How many men were there’ This verse was spoken by Amjad Khan in the film starring Kapoor Singh.

How many men were there? Everyone knows the answer to this question, but if you ask this question from Google, you will get the answer to this popular conversation of this classic film this way. A calculator will have 2 written on the picture. For personal information, please let us know who is one of the recent Reddit users Mail It was revealed

One thing to note is that when writing in English, 2 is not written, while typing in Hindi shows this result. The image, which was published in the news, will appear in the ‘2’ post only after typing in how many men were on Google. Not only is this a dialogue film, it has its identity in the minds of all of us. Sholay is the second most popular dialogue in the film – ‘When the baby cries at night, the mother says that the son will not sleep or Kabar Singh will come’.

This is not the first time Google has used something like this. Avengers EndCom was released worldwide some time ago. Image Mania Google wrote Thanos on Google, on the right hand side, Thanos was linked, and if you click on it, Google search results start to disappear. In the film, Thanos finishes it all by reading a pinch.

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