Live Land Google Doodle: Some Important Things About Live Land

On the eve of Lev Landa’s 111th birthday, Google created a Google Doodle to remember him. For public information, let us know that Lew Landa’s 111th birthday Google Doodle is a physicist. In the 20th century, Lev Landau made many discoveries in physics. We will provide you with detailed information about the life of Lev Lando. Lev Landau was very quiet and shy as a child. He was a very talented student in the field of science and mathematics.

Lev Landau was born on January 22, 1908, in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. As a child, he was very interested in science and mathematics. Lev Landa’s mother Besh was a physician and her father was an engineer in an oil company. At the age of 13, he had finished school. Little did you know that he was also awarded the Nobel Prize.

Lev Landau Quotes

1) ‘The most important part of doing physics is approximate knowledge’
2) ‘The product of faith and knowledge is a standard’
3) ‘Money is at an all-time high. Speed ​​must be calculated accurately ‘

Some important things about the life of Lev Lando

1) After finishing school at the age of 13, he joined the University of Leningrad in 1924 in physics. Lev Landau completed his PhD at the age of 21. He also received the Lev Landau Rockefeller Fellowship.

2) After the partnership, Lev Landau had the opportunity to see research facilities in Cambridge, Copenhagen and Zurich. The Soviets also gave them a stipend. He also had a golden opportunity to study with Nobel laureate Niels War.

3) We will now tell you about their invention. Lev Landau discovered the theory of second-order phase transformation, the theory of the Fermi liquid and density matrix system.

4) Levland was awarded the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physics for his research on the behavior of liquid helium at low temperatures. After this, he became very popular.

5) Lev Landau breathed his last on April 1, 1968 in Moscow and said goodbye to the world.


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