Steve Irwin’s 57th Birthday Google Doodle: Some Highlights About Steve Irwin

On this special occasion of Steve Irwin’s 57th birthday, Google created a Google Doodle to remember him. For public information, let us know that Steve Irwin’s 57th birthday is an animal lover. Steve Irwin is not only an animal lover, but also a TV personality. We bring you detailed information about the life of Steve Irwin.

Steve Irwin was born on 22 February 1962 in Melbourne, Australia. Steve Irwin had a special connection with crocodiles, which is why he would play with him a lot. For this reason he was also known as the crocodile hunter. Very few people know that Steve Irwin was also known as a show crocodile hunter.

While people are afraid of animals like snakes and crocodiles, Steve Irwin loved these animals very much. Let us now tell you some important facts about Steve Irwin.

Some special features related to Steve Irwin

1) Steve Irwin’s father’s name is Bob Irwin and his mother’s name is Lynn Irwin. While his father was a wildlife expert, his mother worked for the conservation of wildlife. Steve Irwin’s mother and father opened the zoo, noting that snakes and crocodiles live here. Very few people know that Steve Irwin was taught by his father to catch crocodiles.

2) After seeing Steve Irwin’s love for snakes and crocodiles, his father gifted him a dragon on his birthday. Now the talk of Steve Irwin’s married life. In 1992, Steve Irwin married Terry Raines, who lives in the United States. The two met when Terry Raines came to Australia in 1991.

3) Played Animal Planet after working on TV shows for many years. After this, Steve Irwin became very popular. For public information, let us know that the Steve Irwin show is shown in more than 200 countries.

4) Steve Irwin starred in the comedy Dr. Doolittle. After this, explain that he also worked on the biography of ‘Crocodile Hunt: Conflict Course’.

5) During the filming of a show on 4 September 2016 in Queensland, Australia, Steve Irwin was swimming with a big fish. Suddenly the fish choked him, and soon his heart stopped working and he said goodbye to the world.


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