The company will be launching a number of products in India to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Xiaomi

Siomi is going to complete five years in India. The company is organizing the “Me Turns 5” event to celebrate its fifth anniversary. The company has been promised offers, new introductions and other deals for five weeks. Speaking of new product launches, Mi Beard Trimmer was unveiled on Tuesday. The company will launch additional products in the coming days.

On the official website Advertising In the past, the company has provided a glimpse of what to expect in the coming weeks. The company did not say much about the new introduction. Talking about some interesting products, the company has advised to introduce fast charger, neck band headphones and wireless on-ear headphones. The company will also bring me rechargeable LED lights and Mi Truck Builder Toys for Kids.

The company has not yet officially said anything. But Xiaomi sells 36 watt USB charger or 27 watt USB charger in the Chinese market. Let’s start with one of these products. No information about neck band headphones or wireless on-ear headphones. Regarding the Mi Rechargeable LED lamp, Xiaomi claims that its design is very simple and that it supports three color temperatures. Finally, I will be a truck builder with 500 parts. It comes with a steering wheel control system.

The company teaser did not mention an important announcement. Maybe the company Redmi K20 And Redmi K20 Pro Announcing about Xiaomi officially entered the Indian market on 15 July 2014. That means the company’s fifth year will end on 15 July 2019. The company wants to celebrate this special occasion with the launch of the Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro. See, Shiomi India president Manu Kumar Jain also pointed out the teasers to launch the phone in mid-July.

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