This 7 year old child is the highest grossing star on YouTube

Rarely does anyone watch videos on YouTube, and most people are aware of the revenue that comes from YouTube. As the last month of 2018 draws to a close, American business magazine Forbes recently released a list of the world’s highest-grossing YouTube stars in 2018. You will be surprised to know that the name of a seven year old child is at the top of this list. This baby’s name is Ryan. Ryan reviews the toys.

The baby’s YouTube channel is named Ryan Toys review. In the 12 months from 1 June 2017 to 1 June 2018, Ryan earned a total of 22 million (approximately Rs. 154.84 crore). Forbes According to the report, Ryan’s YouTube channel grossed $ 11 million on the 2017 list. The top 10 YouTube stars on the list have grossed $ 180.5 million (approximately Rs 1,270.26 crore). At the time of writing, Ryan had 17,317,098 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Top 10 highest earning YouTubers

1) Ryan Toys Review: million 22 million (approximately Rs. 154.84 crore)
2) Jack Ball: .5 21.5 million (approximately Rs.151.32 crore)
3) Dude Perfect: million 20 million (approximately Rs. 140.74 crore)
4) DantTM: .5 18.5 million (approximately Rs. 130.21 crore)
5) Jeffrey Starr: 18 million (approximately Rs. 126.67 crore)
6) Mark player: .5 17.5 million (approximately Rs. 123.15 crore)
7) Vanos Gaming: 17 million (approximately Rs. 119.63 crore)
8) Zaxptice: 16 million (approximately 112.61 crores)
9) BTP: .5 15.5 million (approximately Rs. 109 crore)
10) Logan Paul: .5 14.5 million (approximately Rs. 102 crore)

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