Apple has added a useful secret button on your iPhone and here is how to use it

Apple, a US – based electronics company, is constantly updating its software design with each new version of iOS. But Apple has gone a step further in introducing iOS 14, and it has added a new secret button to each Apple smartphone that can be updated to iOS 14.

It should be noted that the new secret button is not a physics button, but it is a new way to launch a feature on the screen without using the touch screen. This secret button, called a “back tape”, allows iPhone users to use the back case of a smartphone as a button.

IPhone users can tap the aluminum or glass case on the back of their smartphones to launch many new functions, such as launching the Control Center, or changing the disable function, controlling the size, or taking a screen shot. Apple iPhone users can use “back tape” to trigger any SRI shortcuts.

IPhone users will be allowed to set up separate functions for dual-tap and tri-tap. You can enter your favorite group chat on WhatsApp by tapping your index finger on the back of your iPhone and tapping three times to open a blank tweet draft on Twitter. Tapping three times on the back of the iPhone can take users to the camera and some other functions.

To set the “Back Tap” option, you need to start the Settings app before going to Access> Touch> Back Tap. You must choose whether you want to set the shortcut to a “dual disk” or “triple disk”.

If you have not yet updated to iOS14, go to Settings> General> Software Update. If the option to download and update iOS 14 is not displayed on your phone, your smartphone will not be compatible with the latest update.

It should be noted that both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro, which were introduced a few weeks ago, are shipped out of the box with iOS 14.1.


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