PV Sindhu sends an active tweeter with the post ‘I Rest’; Parents say ‘we are not surprised’

At 3.01pm, Rio Olympic silver medalist and Indian badminton star PV Sindhu, popularly known as Pusarla Venkata Sindhu, took to Twitter with his latest social media post: ‘Denmark Open Last Straw I Retired’ page caption.

The title was enough to provoke a quick and varied reaction from his followers, many of whom actually took it without going into a two-sided reference.

It is noteworthy that Sindhu did not retire from the game, which is clear and concise from what was mentioned in his long post.

The Indus tweet is about the corona virus and how to deal with negative and persistent fears. He also stressed the need for serious attention to hygiene and other guidelines.

“Today, I choose to retire from this sense of restlessness. I retire from this negative, persistent fear, uncertainty. I choose to retire because I have no complete control over the unknown. Most importantly, I choose to retire from non-standard health and ours about the virus. Defective attitude, ” Sindhu wrote, ” I may have given you a small heart attack; Unprecedented periods require unprecedented action. I think you should sit down and watch. ” ‘

Sindhu is currently training in London. “PV Sindhu shares his feelings about the epidemic and has chosen to retire from the negativity, persistent fear and uncertainty he has brought about health and safety this year,” said Yashwant Piyala, athletics director at Basic Efforts Managing Sports The company told Zee Media.

This tweet surprised many, but not his mother PV Vijaya. When called by Zee Media for her reaction, Vijaya said, “I spoke to her this morning. Why only read the headlines, read the full Twitter post.”

Sindhu’s father PV Ramana, on the other hand, laughed at the reactions.

“ I’m not surprised. I talk to her every day, and I talked to her this morning. It has been proven again and again that non-correct news should not be taken at face value without being fully read or known, ”he told Zee Media.

Ramana alludes to a recent report in a national English daily in which it was alleged that Sindhu had gone to London due to conflicts with her parents and coaches. Sindhu immediately tweeted that the news was completely false, that it was written with malaphite intent and threatened the concerned reporter that it would have legal consequences.

However, it has been a long time since Sindhu was smashed on the court in his own inappropriate style, but this smash is certainly notable because the Govt-19 virus must be removed, but in accordance with all the rules prescribed and required.


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