Learn how to put custom wallpapers in WhatsApp chat, in easy steps

The same wallpaper has been seen in all the chats on WhatsApp till now, but with the latest software update, WhatsApp has come up with new changes. Now users can set different wallpapers for each chat. Not only this, the messaging company that owns Facebook has also introduced many new bright and dark wallpapers that you can set in different chats. Through this article, we will tell you how you can enjoy this new feature of WhatsApp on Android and iPhone.

WhatsApp: Set custom wallpaper on iphone

Before proceeding with the article, make sure you are on the latest version of WhatsApp, and if not, update your WhatsApp to the latest version immediately. After updating the app, you can set a custom wallpaper for a specific chat on the iPhone by following these steps: –

1. First open the WhatsApp chat, whose wallpaper you want to change and open the contact information by tapping the contact name.

2. Now click on Wallpaper and Sound and select New Wallpaper.

3. On the new screen you can see the latest stock wallpapers of WhatsApp. These will be new bright and dark wallpapers that you can change into the background of a particular chat.

4. You can also use the old WhatsApp wallpaper by clicking on the wallpaper archive.

5. If you do not like WhatsApp wallpaper collection, you can also use custom photo of your phone gallery.

6. You can preview the wallpaper by swiping left or right to set custom wallpaper. After confirming that you have clicked on Set, your wallpaper will be set after adjusting the brightness.

WhatsApp: Set custom wallpaper on Android

1. First open the WhatsApp chat, you want to change its wallpaper, then click on the three dots and select the wallpaper.

2. After selecting your favorite wallpaper, preview it by swiping the wallpaper left or right, then set the wallpaper and tap to blur the wallpaper. That’s it, set up your WhatsApp wallpaper.

Keep in mind that this feature is still being released in the new update, so some people have not yet reached this feature. But no need to worry, it is available for those who have not yet achieved this feature.


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