Bank Holiday July 2021: Banks must be closed for 12 days. Check out the full list

July comes with a lot of bank holidays, and many banks across the state will close this month, in honor of local festivals. According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), these holidays are celebrated locally in a few states. However, this will not affect banking operations in other regions.

The Reserve Bank of India classifies these bank holidays under three brackets – Negotiable Tools Act, Negotiable Tools Act and Real Time Total Settlement Holidays and Closing Bank Accounts.

Check out the list of bank holidays for the rest of July:

July 12 – Cong / Chariot Pilgrimage: Banks across Bhubaneswar observe a holiday on Monday due to the chariot procession of Lord Jegannath. Banks in Imphal will also be closed on this day in view of the Kang (Ratajatra).

July 13 – Banu Jayanti: It is celebrated in Sikkim, which will lead to the closure of banks on that day.

July 14 – Trukpa Chechi: This is another local festival celebrated in Sikkim, and the banks will be closed there.

July 16 – Harela Festival: Banks in Uttarakhand are closed due to the festival.

July 17 – Troth Singh Day / Karchi Pooja: Banking operations in Agartala will be closed due to Troth Singh Day. Shillong will observe Karchi Puja on the same day, which will lead to the closure of banks there.

July 18 – Sunday

July 19 – Guru Rimbose’s Tungar Chechu: Banks close again in Shillong on this day.

July 20 – Bakrit: Banks in Jammu and Kochi will be closed due to the festival.

July 21 – Bakrid: With the exception of Aizawl, Bhubaneswar, Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram, Bakrid will be a normal banking holiday across the country.

July 24: Fourth Saturday

July 25: Sunday

July 31 – Ker Pooja: Tripura celebrates Ker Pooja on July 31, which leads to the closure of banks


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