Gold price today, 14 July 2021: Gold is rising, but still 8300 rupees cheaper from the record level

New Delhi: Gold prices have made a good comeback in the last week. From about Rs 46,500 at the beginning of July, the price of gold is now approaching Rs 49,000. On Wednesday (July 14), gold traded at around Rs 47,972 per 10 grams on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), which closed at Rs 83 higher than Friday’s close.

However, compared to the record high, yellow metal is still traded cheaply by a few thousand rupees. This is a fantastic opportunity for investors who want to put their money in the yellow metal.

Gold for the current week

Day Gold (MCX August Futures)

Monday Rs 47972/10 grams (currently trading)

Gold prices last week

Day Gold (MCX August Futures)

Monday Rs 47299/10 g

47684/10 grams on Tuesday

47910 / 10g on Wednesday

Thursday Rs.47721 / 10g

47856/10 grams on Friday

Gold trading is cheap from around the record level of about 8300 rupees

In 2020, stock investors rallied for gold after public markets collapsed amid fears of a COVID-19-driven economic downturn. As investment in gold has increased, the price of yellow metal has reached record levels. Also read: In early trade, the Sensex fell more than 100 points, while the Nifty fell below 15,800

At one point in August 2020, gold touched its highest level of Rs 56,191. However, gold is currently trading at around Rs 47,856 per 10 grams. This means that gold is currently trading at a cheaper price of Rs.8330. Also read: CNG, cooking gas prices have gone up in Mumbai, check the latest tariffs


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