Alert! Cybercriminals are sending fake update installers of windows 11, know how to protect

According to cybersecurity company Kaspersk, users can become victims of fake installers by installing Windows 11 Update. Due to this, malware can come to their computer. Cybercriminals are posting malware with updates.

Computer-laptop users are very excited about the new operating system (OS) Windows 11 of the tech company Microsoft. They want to install the new version of this OS on their machine and use it as soon as possible. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of this curiosity of the users. They are sending people fake Windows 11 installers, which contain malware. In such a situation, too much enthusiasm and small inattention can put you at risk. In simple words, users have to avoid installing Windows 11 from such an installer.

Malware sending through extra programs with updates

According to cybersecurity company Kaspersk, users can fall prey to fake installers by installing Windows 11 updates. This can cause malware to enter their computer. The cybersecurity company said that cybercriminals are adding extra programs or posting malware with the Windows 11 update. The names of the files in these appear as they are updated. One such file is 86307_windows 11 build 21996.1 x64 + activator.exe. Because of its name, this 1.75 GB file looks perfect. However, most of its space is a DLL file, which contains useless information. Users have to avoid this file.

Also seeking consent to install sponsored software

According to Kaspersk, running this file will prompt the installer to start working. This installer looks like just a typical installation wizard on Windows. There is also a second installer, in which the license agreement has also been given. In this, consent is sought from the users to install some sponsored software. If users accept the agreement, then some malware will be installed in their software. This puts the privacy and security of their computer at risk. The cybersecurity company has caught many such attempts related to fake Windows 11 installers. Most of it downloads and runs other programs.

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