How to earn money from the Mini Bank in 2021?

Friends, How to earn money from Bank, This question must have come to your mind. Everyone wants to earn as much money as possible. Yes, you are going to get information about this. You read this post of ours carefully because today we are going to talk about this.

Our present conjugation has become such that everyone’s needle is stuck in the same place as to which way can earn more money. But when they do not get the right answer to their question, sometimes people choose the wrong path to earn. The benefit of which is far away, but only the loss has to be suffered.

Friends, our job or a very small business does not run the house, family, not only this, today’s era is an era of technology, new things are invented every day. A good example of this is the mobile phone, today every company launches a new phone every day.

Every phone has its own features, sometimes we and sometimes our children have the desire to buy similar technology-enabled things. But job income is not able to meet all these expenses. This is the reason why today’s generation considers business more profitable than a job.

It is not enough just to think about the business, but money is also needed to start a business. Tired of financial problems, youth suppress their dreams too.

The level of unemployment in our country is increasing day by day. Another reason for unemployment is the lack of proper guidance. Friends, in today’s article, we will give you detailed information about how to earn money from the bank.

How to earn money from the bank?

Friends, you can also open your own bank to earn money from the bank. You will be surprised to know but this is the truth. You can easily become a bank friend and be successful in getting a good income by opening a bank.

Friends, you can organize a mini bank or bank friend in this scheme. You can get benefits from Jan Dhan Yojana to make a mini bank or bank friend. With which you can provide the services of Mini Bank or Bank Mitra without any hassle.

The most beneficial and good thing is that you can also get income from the bank every month, that too with a fixed amount and at the same time you will earn money every day that is also different, so let’s see how we can get income from the bank.

Friends, ever since the Jan Dhan Yojana has been started in our country, since that time all the banks are establishing many mini banks to connect more and more customers with them. Similarly, you can also take advantage of this scheme and earn money by opening a mini bank or becoming a bank friend.

There is also another way that you can earn money as per your wish by creating a customer service point. Friends, now there will be a question in your mind that what is a customer service point. So, friends, this is such a scheme in which many mini banks are connected and with the help of this, you can earn from the bank.

You can earn from the mini bank in two ways?

Friends, by opening a mini bank or becoming a bank friend, you can earn income in 2 ways, you will get the commission fixed by the bank on whatever banking services you give to the customers. And the second way is that the bank with which you have organized the mini bank.

You will get a fixed salary from that bank, in this way you can easily earn from the bank every month by choosing any one of these two methods as per your wish.

First of all, let us know that what is a Bank Mitra?

Friends, you must have heard this word many times, but let us give detailed information about this word today. Bank Mitra means the person who helps in providing banking facilities in those villages where there is no bank or where people do not get the services of banks well. Friends, in such villages or such areas, persons who work as representatives of banks are called bank friends.

Friends, there are many such villages or expansions in our country of India where people are not able to take advantage of the services banking properly, many people will also meet those who do not have an account in any bank because in all those expansions the banks are lacking.

In this situation, Bank Mitras can help the people thereby organizing a mini bank in such areas, and by giving them the benefit of banking services, they can earn money through the bank itself.

Where will you organize the mini bank?

Friends, you have the opportunity to organize a mini bank or a customer service point everywhere in the village, city, or town. These customer service points in the village or Bank Mitras are organized keeping in view the expansion and in the city, they are decided according to the ward.

How much will you have to invest in a mini bank?

To organize a Bank Mitra or start a customer service point, you must have a maximum space of 100 to 150 square feet. Along with this, you will need 50-60 thousand rupees to invest in a computer or laptop, internet connection, scanner, and printer, only then you can make your dream of earning money from the bank come true.

How much loan can I get for organizing a mini bank?

If you are not able to invest 50-60 thousand rupees to open a mini bank or customer service point, then this can also help you because the bank also gives you a loan to set up a mini bank. Under this, you can get a total loan of up to Rs 1.25 lakh. These three loans will be included in this loan.

The first is the category loan amount

50 thousand rupees for 1 computer or laptop, printer, scanner 2 then 25 thousand rupees for working capital 3 and 50 thousand rupees for vehicles

Things to do in Mini Bank.

To establish Friends Bank Mitras, the minimum age must be 18 years. A person of 18 years of age can open a Customer Service Point and if not, then one can also apply to become a Bank Mitra. For this, you will need some important documents, which are something like this.

Proof of your business address such as light bill, telephone bill or 10th class mark sheet, your ID proof such as Aadhar card, PAN card, driving license or any other government recognized ID other than these, your Residential proof means disclosure of the place where you live.

Your character certificate and must be verified by the police. Complete details of your bank account, passbook, all canceled cheques, your two passport size photographs.

In Mini Bank, you will be able to provide these services to the customers.

1 Savings Bank Account Opening Service

2 Money deposit ie all services of cash deposit and withdrawal

3 RD and FD Account Schemes

4 All services for issuing Kisan Credit

5 All services of overdraft6 Pension account-related services

6 Also the sale of insurance and mutual fund products

Also, the opportunity to make bill payments from the mini bank

Friends, you can easily connect with the public sector of Mini Bank as well as with the private sector. All bill payment services are decided based on the agreement entered into with the bank and the company providing these services.

The facility of paying the bill varies from bank to bank. These services can be provided by the Bank. Those who want to know that Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye also read the points given below carefully.

1) Pay postpaid and landline phone bills

2) Recharge of mobile

3) Recharge of data card

4) Pay Light Bill

5) All services of PAN card

6) Recharge of DTH

7) Booking of Tickets

Friends, if you or any person around you wants to open a mini bank or a customer service point, then he will have to contact the bank. Because the collections of premiums of all types of insurance are linked to the bank itself.

How much will you earn from Mini Bank?

Friends, if you successfully open a mini bank or become a bank friend or open a customer service point, then you will get a fixed amount from the banks. According to which most of the banks give monthly salary up to Rs 5000 per month.

Along with this, you also get commission on opening a bank account and on every misappropriation of money. According to an official of the State Bank of India, any person can easily earn 25-30 thousand rupees after organizing a mini bank.