How to make money in Intraday Trading easily in 2021?

Friends, by doing intraday trading you’ll earn extra money in little or no time. And nowadays many of us are earning good money from intraday trading.

Intraday trading may be a sort of stock exchange investment. Although people think that it takes tons of your time and patience to earn money within the stock exchange, but this doesn’t happen everywhere. Now you’ll earn tons of cash in only a couple of hours.

In today’s time, most people are earning money from intraday trading, except for some people earning money from here are often a touch risky. many of us lose thousands of lakhs of rupees by doing intraday trading without proper knowledge and research.

We will tell you during this post that the way to make money in Intraday Trading that too without losing money. we’ll discuss during this post all the fashionable techniques and methods of intraday trading.

What is intraday trading?

Intraday trading may be a short-term way of investing money within the stock exchange where you’ll buy and sell any share within the stock exchange within 1 day.

Buying any stock within a trading day and selling it when the worth of the share increases is named intraday trading. In this, you’ve got to sell the purchased shares within a couple of hours.

No one can guarantee that there’s always profit in intraday trading because it depends on the market. We all know that the worth of the share always fluctuates, in such a situation, when the worth of the share increases, the investors remove their profit and sell it.

Intraday trading is usually done by people that are full-time investors because you usually need to keep an eye fixed on your monitor.

The share price keeps on fluctuating in no time which is why you’ve got to research the worth of the shares you’ve got bought alright. In this, you only need to await that moment when the worth of your share suddenly increases.

However, in this, you furthermore may need to bear losses repeatedly because sometimes the worth of the share also decreases.

How to make money in Intraday Trading?

Friends, to try to do any quiet intraday trading, first of all, you would like to possess a Demat account.

To open a Demat account, you’ll register with any trading firm, just your firm should be genuine and authentic. you’ll open your account both offline and online.

After the Demat account is made, you’ve got to shop for and sell the available shares within the market from an equivalent account. you’ll do intraday trading in 2 ways, within the first way you’ll buy and send shares by direct contact with any broker.

The second and best way would be to try to do online intraday trading on your own. However, before you begin trading, you ought to remember some basic but vital strategies for purchasing stocks. you’ll earn maximum profit only by choosing the proper stop.

How to choose the proper stock intraday?

Friends, if you would like to earn extra money in less time than intraday trading then you would like to shop for Perfect stock. If you purchase a stock that provides you good returns, then it can prove beneficial for you.

Most people need to face many difficulties in choosing the proper stock within the initial days of intraday trading, but we are supplying you with some tips below, with the assistance of which you’ll choose the proper stock.

Buy stocks with high liquidity

The most important thing about any stock is liquidity. The liquidity of any stock tells us what proportion it’s being bought and sold within the stock exchange.

It is always considered safe to take a position within the stock that is bought and sold the foremost within the stock exchange. Investing in stocks during which more people’s money is invested is usually considered safe.

Whenever you attend buy a stock, definitely check its liquidity and market flow so that you’ll know which stock is so successful.

The higher the demand for the stock within the stock exchange, the upper are going to be its liquidity. for instance, you’ll buy Nifty 50 stock as its liquidity is high.


Friends, the continuously decreasing and increasing nature of any stock exchange is named volatility. In intraday trading, you ought to buy only those stocks which are volatile. you’ll get your profit only the stock price will decrease and increase.

In today’s time, there are stocks available in many such stock markets which are absolutely inactive. you ought to not invest money in any such stock which isn’t active and its nature isn’t volatile.

You should always choose such stocks which are getting to break down or have happened, you’ll not have a loss in these stocks.

Pay special attention to the trend

Before investing money in any stock, first of all, you ought to study its past performance properly so that you’ll get to understand which side is that the trend of that specific stock.

You should always invest money in such an area where the performance of the stock has been good for a previous couple of days. Although you can’t always be relied on past performance, sometimes the result seems to be quite the other but most of the time it follows the trend.

In Trend, you ought to pay special attention to some things like Open Price, Close Price, Chart Pattern, Range, Indicator, etc. once you do an honest analysis of those topics, then your chances of taking advantage of the stock exchange increase.

That is why whenever you’re trading in intraday, keep this stuff in mind. there’s a really famous saying within the stock exchange “trend is your friend”, that’s why you ought to also follow the trend.

Do not fall under the trap of earning more

Friends, as we’ve already told you that intraday trading maybe a few hours of trading where you purchase shares and sell them on an equivalent day.

Many times it happens that we get more profit than our bought price but we wait to earn extra money, and only then the worth of that share decreases and that we need to hand over profit and suffer loss.

Therefore, the foremost important strategy of intraday trading should be that you simply don’t delay in the least in selling the stock after earning a hard and fast profit. you’re taking out your profit money and buy stock in another stock with the remaining money.

Be able to take the danger

Friends, the Share market may be a deep well which quenches your thirst, but sometimes we may need to bear some losses.

Before doing intraday trading, you’ve got to be able to bear any quiet risk. Because during this you’ll sometimes suffer loss. you ought to just keep minimizing that loss.

To avoid losing money, you ought to invest less money within the beginning and once you understand everything well then you’ll invest extra money.