Afghanistan: Air travel changed after Taliban occupation, flight tickets will be expensive

The Taliban captured Afghanistan. No one has any idea what will be the situation there after the capture of the Taliban. There is panic among the people. People are running to save their lives. There is a crowd and stampede at the airports. The eyes of the world are on the movement of Afghanistan. After the occupation of the Taliban, business there is affected, there is an atmosphere of fear among investors, while air travel is also going to be affected.

Air travel will change after the Taliban capture

Air travel here will change after the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan. Air travel from India and Asia to Europe has had a major impact. At the same time, according to aviation experts, this movement in Afghanistan will affect airfares. Flight ticket prices will increase. 12 international airlines fly to Kabul Airport, the director air service of these 12 airlines is from Kabul and hundreds of aircraft use Afghanistan’s airspace. Since this airspace is no longer safe, the airlines have to change the route.

After the occupation of the Taliban, this airspace is no longer safe, due to which the airlines have to change their route. The fares are likely to increase due to the change in the route. Most of the flights operating between Asia and Europe, which mostly use Afghanistan airspace, are now forced to change their routes since the Taliban took over.

Due to the change of route, the fare of flights going to Europe, Asia may increase. Because airlines are using the Gulf route or Iran air route instead of Afghan airspace. Travel time is also increasing due to a change of route. If the route is changed, there is an increase in the fuse charge. All of which is bound to have an impact on airfare.

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