How to earn money by uploading videos to ShareChat App in 2021?

Friends, Sharechat is a very popular application that is used by millions of people. And those who put a status on their Whatsapp and Facebook will definitely know about ShareChat App.

Nowadays many people use ShareChat App only for entertainment. Because in this app you get to see many videos, photos, and audio files. Which you can watch for free and if you want, you can also download and share with your friends.

Along with this, you can upload your own video, photo, or audio very easily with the help of the ShareChat App.

But many such people do not know that money is also earned from ShareChat App.

What is ShareChat App?

Friends, ShareChat App is a social media app and it can also be called a very famous video status app. This app was created by the students of IIT Kanpur in 2015.

You can also share Videos, Songs, Whatsapp Status, Comedy, and funny videos, Dialogue on this App. Along with this, you can also upload your own video or photo by creating your account on the Sharechat app. And if your video is more viral, then you can become famous too.

In this app, you get to see many features, using which you can upload and create professional and attractive videos in a very short time. That’s why this is a short video-creating app.

How to Create an account on ShareChat App?

Friends, it is very easy to create an account on SharChat App. You can create your account in few minutes.

  1. First of all you have to download and install the Sharchat app from Playstore. And have to open it again.
  2. After this you have to select your language.
  3. Next you have to fill in your personal details. In this, you have to enter your name, gender, and mobile number. Then click on submit button.
  4. After submitting an OTP will come on your mobile number, after entering it your account will be ready. Now you can use the share chat app.

How to make money from ShareChat?

Friends, earning money from the Sharechat app is very easy. Most the people use ShareChat app only for their entertainment. But they did not know that money can also be earned from sharechat.

You do not have to do anything new to earn money from ShareChat. For this, you have to join the ShareChat App’s Campaign program. Now let us get information about what is this Campaign program and how to earn money from it.

ShareChat Campaign Program

Friends, you can earn thousands of rupees from SharChat Campaign. But there are some rules for this as well. To participate in this campaign, you have to make 5 videos from a share chat camera which should have your own audio.

After uploading your 5 videos on sharechat, a star icon will appear on your profile in a few days. Once this icon appears on your profile, you can participate in this Campaign program.

When you click on this icon, a leaderboard will open in front of you. With which you can earn up to 50 thousand rupees. And over there it will also be seen that how much money the person is earning. Now we know how the selection is done in this Campaign program.

How is the selection done in the Campaign Program?

Friends, to earn money from ShareChat, first you have to be selected in the Campaign program. And for this, you have to make videos.

It has been written in the rules of ShareChat that only the original video creator will be given money. This means you have to record the video in your own voice. Many people post videos of others on their sharechat account.

Friends, you can post any type of video in any language on the Sharechat app. You are selected only after seeing the quality of your video and its content. The more unique and new your content is, the more are your chances of selection.

How to earn money from Campaign Program?

Friends, if you get selected, then the question of how you will get money must have come to your mind. Your uploaded 3 videos will be checked. The team of Shartchat will watch the top 3 videos of a week.

Your top 3 videos will be the ones that people will have seen, liked, and shared the most. A weekly rank will be made by combining these three of your videos. Meaning you will be given some score.

And according to your rank, you will get money. You will be given money at the end of every month. You can easily transfer this money to your Paytm account.

What are the categories in ShareChat App?

Friends, in this app you get to see many categories. You can see photos or videos of any of those categories. In the Sharechat app, you can share or save photos or videos of any category. Here we have listed all the categories of the sharechat app for you.

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How to increase followers on ShareChat?

Friends, nowadays everyone wants to increase their followers. Because your video becomes more viral due to more followers. Or your video is seen by more people.

Your followers on ShareChat will increase only when your content is good. If your content will be unique and new, then you get completely original followers.

Friends, if you make a video on a trending topic, then there are many chances of your video going viral. If any of your trending videos goes viral, then it can increase your followers a lot. That’s why you should make videos on trending topics.

You can also increase your followers by posting daily on ShareChat. Because when you post daily, you are daily active on sharechat. And you also get more videos. Some of those videos will definitely go viral.