How to do mobile repairing business in 2021?

Friends, if you also want to start your own business with less investment, then you must know how to do mobile repairing business.

Friends, in today’s time the number of mobiles and smartphones is increasing day by day. And in a country with a large population like India, the demand for mobile phones can never be less.

Smartphones are the most basic need in today’s time. Whether he is rich or poor, everyone needs it. The only difference is that some people take very expensive mobiles and some people take low-priced mobiles. Nowadays people of every age have mobile.

Friends, before taking any smartphone, we definitely check the features of the mobile. Nowadays everyone uses mobile for hours. And this is a machine, so it can easily get damaged. No one buys a new mobile immediately after it is damaged. We consider it right to repair that mobile.

Friends, the more mobiles there are, the more mobile will be bad. And there are fewer shops to repair these mobiles. So if you start the business of mobile repairing, then you can earn a lot of money from it. And the future of this business is going to be very good. So friends, if you also want to do mobile repairing business, then definitely read this post completely because you will get all the information related to this business here.

What is Mobile Repairing Business?

Friends, any machine or device gets damaged after a specific time. Or some parts of it stop working. So the work of removing these defects is called repairing.

Similarly, mobile is also made by connecting many small devices. Therefore, it also gets worse after a physical time or after falling or getting wet with water.

To fix this defect in mobile, people need such a shop or person, who can repair their mobile and fix it. When the work of repairing a mobile phone is done by a person, then this business done by him is called Mobile Repairing Business.

Mobile Repairing Business

Friends, before doing any work or business, you should have complete knowledge about it. Before doing the business of mobile repairing, you should know mobile repairing. You should also have the experience to do this business.

For this, you can initially go to a mobile repairing shop and take training. When you get this job done well, then you can start your own shop.

Friends, in today’s time, there are many such institutes, which teach you mobile repairing courses in 2 or 3 months. You can go there and start your business by completing these courses. There are some private institutes in this whose fees are also high and some are run by the government whose fees are very low.

Mobile Repairing Course

Friends, it depends on you what level and duration of the course you want to do. The demand for this business is also increasing, due to this, you will get information about courses online as well.

You can also choose where you want to go and do this course because you will get to learn this course everywhere. There are many mobile repairing centers available in India. Before selecting any institute, definitely check its reviews. Compare the course fees and also see the duration of the course.

Friends, Experience is very important in this business. Therefore, you can join any good repairing shop or service center for the experience. In this, you can also learn repairing tips and tricks with practical knowledge. With this, you can also get to know about the ups and downs of the business. Your confidence will also increase with this work experience.

Requirements to start a Mobile Repairing Business

  1. Select the right place

Friends, if you want to make this business more successful, then before starting it, choose the right place. In today’s digital age, if anyone’s phone gets damaged, then with the help of Google Maps, he goes to the nearest shop and repairs it. Therefore, start this business in a crowded place where the common customer can easily reach.

  1. Keep all spare parts in your shop

After selecting friends, you have to keep all the spare parts required for mobile repairing in your shop. Because if there are no spare parts then you cannot repair the mobile itself.

The supply of spare parts will decide how much your profit margin will be. That’s why you must find a wholesale spare parts dealer who can provide you mobile repairing items at a low rate.

You should always keep extra spare parts according to your business so that you will be able to repair the customer’s mobile as soon as possible. By giving mobile repair in less time, the customer will be satisfied and will also suggest to his friends. This will also help in marketing your shop.

  1. Provide Quick Service

Friends, due to today’s digital social media, no one can stay away from their mobile for long. Therefore, the sooner you repair the customer’s mobile and give it to him, the more he will be happy and will always come to your shop.

And will also tell your family and friends about your service, this will increase your customer base and your business will also grow. Always give good service and customer satisfaction should be there for your business to grow.

  1. Hire an Expert Technician

Friends, don’t hire any technicians in the beginning. Because it will take time to set up your business. Therefore, in starting, you should take care of the whole work so that you can remain in profit. When you start getting more tasks and you cannot handle them alone, then at that time you should hire an expert mobile repairing technician.

  1. Marketing Your Business

Friends, to grow any business, marketing is very important. And this is also very important in today’s digital age. You can also promote your shop on social media. You can create a Facebook page with the name of your shop and put daily posts related to the offers there.

Apart from these, you can also use platforms like Instagram, Whatsapp, and Twitter. You can also do marketing by making a banner of your shop and placing it on the main spot of the city or village. You can also market your business by giving advertisement in the newspaper.

Friends, you must register your shop on Google Map, so that the location of your shop will be easily known to the people. Along with this, you must also register on Just Dial. With this, if someone searches your shop on Google, then he will get your mobile number along with the address there.

  1. Be sure to take feedback

Friends, feedback helps any business to grow. You must also take feedback on your service from the customer in your mobile repairing business. And rectify whatever mistakes are there in it so that your customer base can increase.

Always remember that your business is completely dependent on the customer. With feedback, you can improve the shortcomings coming in your business.

How to earn more money from mobile repairing business

Friends, if you want to earn more profit from your mobile repairing business, then you can use the methods given below.

  1. Selling a second-hand mobile

Friends, you can sell second-hand mobile along with mobile repairing at your mobile shop. Nowadays many such people are unable to take more expensive mobile. And some people sell mobile as soon as it gets damaged. So you can take this bad mobile at a low price and fix it and sell it at a higher price. You can earn a good profit from this.

  1. Opening Youtube Channel

Yes, friends, you can earn a lot of money by opening your mobile repairing Youtube channel. All you have to do is shoot repairing videos and upload them to youtube. You can monetize your channel and earn money from it.

  1. Creating a Facebook page

Friends, only the videos that you will upload on youtube can be uploaded on the Facebook page. After monetizing your Facebook page, you can earn money from it.

Mobile Repairing business profit

Friends, now you must be thinking that if we start this business then how much profit we will get from it. Friends, in the beginning, you can easily earn 30 thousand per month from this business.

And when your business will grow then you can earn from 50 to 70 thousand also. You have to invest very little to start this business. You can start this business by investing 30 to 50 thousand.