What is Cyber ​​Bullying and How to Avoid Cyber ​​Bullying?

Friends, today we will know what is Cyber ​​Bullying and how to protect ourselves from Cyber ​​Bullying? Nowadays cyberbullying is one of the most common cyber threats on social media networking sites, which is being faced every day from youth to children. Cyberbullying is a cybercrime that can happen to anyone in today’s digital world, but due to lack of information about cybercrimes, children are most vulnerable to it?

Sometimes initially we don’t even realize that someone is bullying us online? Bullying can be a known person, friend, relative, or even an unknown person whom we associate with online on social media platforms or gaming portals and make them friends. In cyberbullying, he can spread dirty messages, direct threats, or any shameful rumor against you.

What is Cyber ​​Bullying and How to Avoid Cyber ​​Bullying?

Cyberbullying is made up of two words, which cyber means internet computer, mobile technology, and bullying mean to harass, intimidate or intimidate. This means the use of the Internet or mobile technology to intentionally harass or threaten anyone by sending messages, comments, and images/videos intentionally harassing or threatening anyone on social media. A bully may use text messages, emails, social media platforms, web pages, chat rooms, etc. to bully others.

Cyberbullying has a bad effect on the lives of children, especially their physical, mental, emotional, and psychological effects. The identity of the person doing cyberbullying is not initially but it can also be a knowledgeable and unknown person. What is Cyber ​​Bullying? We have come to know about this, now it comes to how to avoid Cyber ​​Bullying?

How can you protect yourself from Cyber ​​Bullying?

Do not accept the friend request of any unknown person on the social media platform. As a rule, only be friends on social media with people you know offline.

Never share your personal information such as Date of Birth Phone Number with anyone on social media platforms. You can go to the Privacy Setting of Social Media and select there who can see your post on social media.

Remember that what you post online stays there so it’s important to be careful and don’t share your phone number and other personal details in comments or postings on social media platforms.

Never install Unwanted Software or Application like Dating App, Online Game from Unknown Source on your mobile or computer.

If someone sends you a lewd message, don’t react with an aggressive reply.
Doing so will encourage the bully to continue sending such messages. If such a Harmful message has been sent by your friend, then you should first request him not to do this again. If he continues to send you dirty messages even after this, then immediately inform his parents so that he can help you?

It is very difficult to remove the posts sent on Facebook. Therefore, Facebook should be used very carefully and cautiously. Most of the children in India are victims of cyberbullying through Facebook.

What to do if someone is doing Cyber ​​Bullying you?

If someone is harassing you on social media or you are a victim of Cyber ​​Bullying, then the tips given below can help manage the situation.

Inform your parents/Elders Immediately

If you are being harassed on social media, then immediately inform your parents about it. Never think that if you share it with your parents, then they will ban using your computer, mobile, never think that. It is important to inform them so that they can help and guide you in time. Explain the whole matter clearly to your parents.

Identify the Bully

Try to find out if the bully is someone you know or a stranger and why he is bothering you. You can enlist the help of your parents or friends to reach out to the bully and ask him to stop the bully.

Block the Bully

If the person harassing you is using social media, then you can block him. Facility to block any user is available on all social media platforms.

Collect and Save Post/Message

If a Bully is posting or messaging you on social media against you, then save those posts and messages safely with you for Evidence so that you can take legal action against him.

Never Respond to a Bully Aggressively

If you receive any kind of message or post on a social site that can make you angry, then do not reply to any such post or message.

Contact Local Police

If he is harassing you despite your repeated confessions and you get messages or posts related to intimidation, threats, or intimidation on social sites, then go to the nearest police station and file a First Information Report.