What are the reasons for the WordPress websites being hacked and how to avoid them?

You will definitely be surprised to know that 40% of all the websites that have been built in the world are made only by WordPress. WordPress is a very popular program to create a website. Although it has been built with a lot of security and keeps updating its security from time to time, but hackers hack the website by taking out new methods. Sometimes the security of our website gets weakened due to our own ignorance. Today we will know what are the reasons for the hacking of WordPress websites and how to avoid them. (Why WordPress Sites Get Hacked) If you are also using WordPress for your blog or website like us, then today’s post can be very important for you.

What are the reasons for the WordPress websites being hacked?

In today’s internet world, all the work is being done online and that is why people take the help of websites to increase their business. As I have already mentioned, WordPress is a very popular program to create a website. This is an open-source program that anyone can use for free, it is designed in such a way that even if someone does not have any knowledge of coding, he can also easily create his own website through WordPress. And this is the biggest reason for its popularity. People make their website through WordPress but do not pay attention to its security, so the chances of WordPress Website getting Hack increase a lot. So let’s first know what are the reasons for the WordPress websites being hacked and how to avoid them.

If we talk about the reasons for the hacking of WordPress websites, then first of all I would say that the biggest reason for this is your own fault. Winning WordPress website is also hacked, in 50% of those cases, your own mistake is the biggest reason.

1) Wrong Hosting Choice (Insecure Web Hosting)

Two GJs are very important to run any website, without which your website cannot run, that is Domain Name and Web Hosting. If you talk about web hosting, then you will find many such companies on the Internet that provide web hosting. Even you will find some such company which provides hosting absolutely free. Often people get confused here and choose the wrong and cheap web hosting for their website or blog, which creates a lot of problems in the future.

2) Weak Passwords

A short password is a key to your WordPress account. Do not be careless while creating a password, while creating a password, always choose a unique and strong password. A simple password can be easily cracked by hackers using hacking tools, and your website can be hacked and misused. Password must use special characters (@#$%&*). Never keep the same password for each of your accounts. Make the user ID unique along with the password, most people use only ‘Admin’ in the ID, which is not correct in terms of security.

3) Not Updating WordPress

One of the reasons for WordPress Website Hack Hone is not to update your WordPress. Brother, on which your website, the blog is built, if you do not update it, then where will the security come from? Some people do not update WordPress even thinking that “my site is running fine, then what is the need to update” There is no harm To increase your security in WordPress, it gives updates from time to time, so take full advantage of it and always use the updated version of WordPress.

4) Use of wrong theme and plugin

When someone creates a new blog or website, then every day he keeps on experimenting with a new WordPress Theme and Plugin on his blog. It is a good thing to experiment, without experiment, you cannot learn anything. There are many such websites on the internet from where you can download and use WordPress Theme and Plugin for your blog. Do not download WordPress Theme and Plugin from an unknown source, such Theme / Plugin is very harmful to your blog. Before downloading any WordPress Theme and Plugin, take a good look at its review, if the review is right, then use it. And keep updating the theme of your blog and each and every plugin periodically.

5) Website being more popular

This can also be one of the reasons for WordPress websites being hacked, more popular and trafficked websites are more prone to hacking than new and working popular websites. Hackers only hack those websites in which they have some benefit, so they always make popular websites their victims.

6) Using the Default Dashboard login link

Most people use the default link to go to the Dashboard of their WordPress website such as www.abc.com/wp-admin, which is not good for the security of the WordPress website. You can change the link that goes to the Dashboard of your WordPress website using the WPS-hide plugin. Due to which no hacker will be able to access the login page of our website. If you want to change the link going to the Dashboard of your blog, then definitely read how to use the WPS-hide plugin.

7) Nulled Themes and Plugins

Pirated Version of any Pro Themes and Plugins is called Nulled Themes and Plugins, if you download and use such Nulled Themes and Plugins, then it is quite dangerous for your website, it weakens the security of your website as well as your website. Sensitive data can also be stolen.

Always download and use WordPress Themes and Plugins from Reliable Sources only. If you can not afford Premium Theme and Plugin, then you can use the free key which is easily available and works well.

How to protect our WordPress Websites from getting hacked?

If you have read the above things carefully, then now you must have understood that what is the reason for the WordPress website being hacked. Now it comes to How to protect our WordPress Websites from getting hacked?, then some tips for that are given below, by following which you can increase the security of your WordPress website/blog.

Buy hosting for your WordPress website from a GOOD HOSTING COMPANY.

Make sure to back up your WordPress blog and website in a full way from time to time. Many plugins also come to take backup by using them too. You can back up WordPress blog and website both manually and automatically.

To protect the website from hacking, use WordPress Security Plugin such as Bulletproof, Better WP Security, or Wordfence.

Make the password of yourself and the guest users of your blog strong.

Change the login link in your WP Dashboard such as www.abc.com/wp-admin, you write a unique name instead of wp-admin.

Download and use WordPress Theme and Plugin only from SECURE SOURCES.

Use Two-Step Verification to login to your own WP Dashboard, this is a very good way to make a WordPress website secure.

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