A cannon that fired only once in 400 years, where it fell, there was such a sight

Wars have been fought since ancient times to maintain supremacy over each other. The teeth of the enemy army were soured through all the deadly weapons. At that time cannon was considered the deadliest weapon. Such a weapon, in which the ammunition could be thrown by keeping the shells.

The cannon was such a weapon, which had the full potential to cause heavy destruction during the war. At times it completely overturned the picture and outcome of the war. Even today all countries definitely use cannon in war. Yes, now this cannon has become very sophisticated and more dangerous than before. But you will be surprised to know that the use of cannon started in the 13th and 14th centuries. There is evidence of the use of cannon in Europe in 1313 AD. There were also facts that Babur used cannon in the first battle of Panipat.


At the same time, there is a special cannon in India, which has the status of the world’s largest cannon. Along with this, it is also famous to discuss that one of its balls had made a big pond. Actually, the name of this cannon is Jaiban. It is kept in the fort of Jaipur. It has been called the largest cannon in the world. This huge cannon was installed in the Jaigarh Fort in 1720 AD. The cannon was built by Raja Jai ​​Singh, who was also the administrator of the Jaipur Fort. He built it for the security of his princely state.

Interestingly, this cannon was never taken out of the fort nor was it used in any war, as it is quite heavy. It is believed to weigh around 50 tons. It is kept in a two wheeler vehicle. The diameter of the wheels of the vehicle on which it is placed is about four and a half feet. Apart from this, two more additional wheels have also been installed in it. Their diameter is about nine feet. About 50 kg of bullets were used in this cannon. Its barrel length is 6.15 m. The circumference near the tip on the forward side of the barrel is 7.2 feet. At the same time, its rear circumference is 9.2 feet. The bore diameter of the barrel is 11 inches and the barrel thickness at the ends is 8.5 inches.


Also read:- Afghanistan’s IT minister, fleeing the fear of Taliban, was doing pizza delivery in Germany, photo went viral. To make this heavy gun, a factory was built in Jaigarh itself. Its cord was also molded here in a special mold. However, more cannons were manufactured in this factory. This cannon is worshiped on the day of Dussehra. Now let us tell you the specialty of this cannon and the shells used in it. It was tested once. When the bullet was fired, it fell in a town called Chaksu, about 35 km away. Where this ball fell, a big pond was formed. There is still water in this pond and the local people use it in their daily routine.