In Kedarnath, the friend police became an angel…

Kedarnath: An old lady traveler who had come on Shri Kedarnath Yatra and who was lying unconscious in front of a hotel situated in Shri Kedarnath. After a long time, the hotel owner informed the outpost in-charge Shri Kedarnath Manjul Rawat ji who was present in the Shri Kedarnath temple premises itself and after getting the information went to that hotel.


With the help of the subordinate police team, the woman was taken to the health center in Kedarnath, where the said woman was brought to her senses after necessary first aid by doctors. After regaining consciousness, the woman passenger told her name as Budhwara Bai Patel (age 71 years) resident of Chhattisgarh.


It was also told by her that she had come to Shri Kedarnath Dham along with her other companions. I don’t know how she had fainted, and her companions had probably left her for dead.


Feeling a little healthy, the woman was taken to Shri Kedarnath temple by the police team and collected money collectively by the police, local traders, Pandey Purohit and was transported to the helipad via Dandi-Kandi and from there helicopters of Arrow Aircraft Company. From Triyuginarayan Helipad.


The woman was brought from Triyuginarayan to Sonprayag by Kotwali Sonprayag police. The bus from which this passenger had reached Sonprayag, the bus was traced from the parking at Sonprayag and was sent to his destination after sitting in the bus.


The elderly lady traveler thanked the district Rudraprayag Police (Uttarakhand Police), the health department team of Shri Kedarnath, the local pande priest and the company providing helicopter service.