Increased demand for wood and jute products made in UP abroad

The initiative of the UP government to promote exports through traditional industries in the state has had an impact. Due to this, despite the Corona epidemic, exports of wood, silk, jute and products made from them have increased to the countries of America and Europe. In the above countries, the demand for products made from wood, jute, silk and carpets etc. has increased in many districts including Lucknow, Kanpur, Saharanpur, Moradabad, Bareilly, Varanasi, Bhadohi and Gorakhpur of UP.


In April and May this year, carpets worth Rs 744.15 crore, cotton and silk worth Rs 72.87 crore, textiles worth Rs 328,60 crore and toys, photo frames and other artefacts made of wood and wood were exported to the tune of Rs 433.81 crore as compared to last year. Which is more than the exports in the year 2020. This increase in export business has benefited the business of wood, silk, jute, carpet and textile in the said districts.


According to officials, due to the encouragement from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to promote exports, the state has exported Rs 21,500.85 crore in April and May in this financial year. Which is 152.67 percent more than the previous year. This has been disclosed in the latest data released by the central government of exports from various states.


According to these latest figures released by the central government on exports from various states, goods worth Rs 21,500.85 crore were exported from the state in April-May this year. Whereas in April-May last year, goods worth Rs 8511.34 crore were exported.


According to these figures, this year products made of wood and jute and sarees made of silk, carpets made in Bhadohi, textile fabric other than dari, oven fabric, man made staple fabric, footwear, glassware, iron, steel, aluminum, rice, sugar Milk, flour, plastic products, silk, artificial flowers etc. were exported a lot from abroad. Countries like America and Europe, as well as Nepal, Bengal, and countries in Southeast Asia, brought a large number of ODOP products from UP during the Corona period.


According to the state government, cotton clothes worth Rs 43.51 crore, silk products worth Rs 29.36 crore, carpets worth Rs 744.15 crore were exported in April-May this year. Similarly, footwear worth Rs 742.47 crore was exported as against Rs 147.04 crore in the previous year. Similarly, glassware worth Rs 310.77 crore was exported in April-May this year as compared to Rs 39.99 crore last year.

 Similarly, toys worth Rs 120.83 crore were exported this year as against Rs 26.19 crore last year. Similarly, carpet and textile fabrics worth Rs 744.15 crore were exported this year as against Rs 247.63 crore last year. The export of purses, belts, bags and other products made of leather stood at Rs 493.80 crore this year, as against the export of leather products worth Rs 79.21 crore last year.

Now, apart from fresh mangoes, grapes, fresh onions and vegetables, peanuts, processed fruits, juices and nuts are also being exported from UP. The demand for seeds of fruits and vegetables, cucumbers, and flowers has also increased. Jamun has been exported for the first time.

Due to the efforts started by the state government to promote exports, besides products made of wood and jute, goods like rice, toys, medicines, carpets, silk, fertilizers, fish products, sugar and artificial flowers have been ordered from abroad. meet. Due to which now UP is on its sixth position in the country in terms of exports. Now the state government intends to reach above this place. For this reason, efforts are being made to increase exports through ambassadors of ten countries. Along with this, it has been decided to set up Overseas Trade Promotion and Facilitation Center in every district.