Makeup is not sticking on oily skin, keep these things in mind

Many women are worried due to the lack of makeup on their face and the main reason for this is their oily skin only. Makeup stays on normal skin but makeup does not work well on oily skin.

If your skin is also oily, then we are telling you some tips, by which the makeup will last for a long time. Whatever the skin type, concealer must be applied. It also hides acne and blemishes. Spot corrector concealer is good for oily skin. If you have oily skin, then oil based liquid concealer should not be applied at all.

1. If you want to keep the makeup on, then do not forget to apply face powder. Face powder is the most important thing when applying makeup on oily skin. You can apply as much makeup as you want, but natural skin oil makes it sticky. Face powder at the end of makeup also makes the foundation last longer.

2. Choosing a compact for oily skin is a bit of a daunting task. Many compacts found in the name of oil free are actually not completely oil free and give a glossy look to the makeup. Matte compact should be used. It lasts for a long time on oily skin.