Officials ridiculed the order of the Education Minister, the indefinite strike of the Diet DLED trained

DEHRADUN: The state’s most talked about primary teacher recruitment process is taking a new turn day by day and the problems of DIET B ED trainees are increasing day by day due to which there is an atmosphere of fury in the diet union. First, the department kept postponing the recruitment process on the pretext of the court, due to which the Directorate of Diets union under its banner staged a sit-in from last 6 August.

On September 1, the Honorable Education Minister had promised to complete the recruitment in 20 days after getting relief in the recruitment process from the Hon’ble High Court, but seeing the lateness of the officers, it seems that the recruitment process will hardly be completed within the prescribed limit. In the primary teacher recruitment, even after the orders of the Education Minister, the permission file is unnecessarily stuck due to the inaction of the officials at the secretariat level.


Diet union secretary Himanshu Joshi said that now patience is broken, if the recruitment is not completed this month, then there will be a fierce movement against the administration from the very next day itself. If this is the condition of future teachers in the present government, then we can understand how sensitive the present government is towards employment.


State Vice President Diksha Rana said that we kept waiting in the Directorate premises till late night in the hope of getting good news for us last Friday, but the recruitment file was sent back to the Secretariat without any reason. We hope that perhaps some good and positive news may be received by the Diet Association today.


But the government and administration should understand one thing that we are not going to leave here without taking appointments. Till we do not get the date of counseling from the department, we will stand here.


State Treasurer Gaurav Rawat said that the representatives of the Diet Association are constantly in touch with the departmental officers and are expressing their views in the matter of recruitment, but the concerned officers cut the throat by saying that the recruitment would be completed soon. It is clear from this that the officers are disobeying the promise of the class minister. If our work is completed before the stipulated limit is over, then it is fine, otherwise the government will be directly hurt.


Our department is requested to protect the interests of the trainees by completing the recruitment process as soon as possible.