Pain killers eat as soon as they are in pain, so be careful, you may have to face this trouble

Most people eat painkillers to relieve back pain, joint pain etc. Sometimes they eat it without consulting the doctor. But do you know that this habit of yours can put you in trouble.

  1. Many such hard elements are found in painkillers which harm the body. These include chemicals such as morphine narcotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and acetaminophen non-narcotics.

  1. The chemicals present in pain killers are hot in nature. It affects the hormonal balance of the body. Due to which the mood of the person keeps changing from time to time.

  1. If these medicines are taken in excess quantities, then they have a negative effect on the body, it can cause shortness of breath and heartburn in the person.

  1. With the use of most of the painkillers, the veins of the person’s body start shrinking. This can lead to physical weakness.

  1. Research of Berlin University found that the person’s body gets used to it by continuous use of painkillers. Therefore the body’s ability to recover is lost.

  1. People who use painkillers regularly, they become addicted to this thing like drug addicts. He cannot live without taking medicine. They start getting restless. Sometimes they can’t even sleep.

  1. According to narcotic experts, chemicals like drugs are mixed in it, which makes a person habituated to it. Due to which the person starts feeling tired and sleepy.

  1. An element called acetaminophen present in pain killers increases the risk of liver damage. This also causes problems in digestion. Food is not digested properly and there is no appetite.

  1. According to research, there is a risk of depression by eating pain killers. According to research, there is a fear of mental stress by eating painkillers for 80 and more days.