People are craving water for four days here in Uttarakhand, warning of agitation if there is no solution

Almora : Many localities of the headquarters are craving water. Not a single drop of water has dropped in Thapliya Mohalla for four days. Angry people warned of agitation if the problem was not resolved soon.


For the last four days, Thapliya Mohalla on Mall Road has been craving for water. The situation is that apart from public taps, there is no water supply even in homes. Due to which there is a lot of anger among the people. People have to take the help of rivulets for water. There is also a long line for water. People who are not able to go to Naula Dhara, they are bringing five, 20 liters of closed bottles from shops to meet the needs of drinking water. Instead of improving, the situation is getting worse.


Area residents Mukul Joshi, Devendra Verma, Abhinay Budhudi, Kamlesh Bhatt, Bhavna Verma, Umesh Pandey, Manish Bhandari etc. told that many times the problem has been conveyed to the officials of the Jal Sansthan in writing and orally. But the problem was not solved.

The department does not seem to be serious about drinking water. People have been craving water for four days. You can understand the situation yourself. The rivers are also far away. Not everyone can go there. If the water problem is not resolved soon, then the movement will be forced.


Executive Engineer KS Khati said that the problem of water is being resolved on priority. Action is being taken in the localities where there is a problem. It is the responsibility of the department to provide adequate drinking water to all.