Samsung removes ads from Samsung Pay and Health apps

After years of Samsung filling its stock apps with ads, the company has finally stopped that practice as Samsung Pay, Weather and Health have officially stopped serving ads. Users on the Samsung Community Forum found that ads had suddenly disappeared from the Samsung Pay app, and an investigation by People on TigenHelp revealed a comment from a Samsung employee that seems to confirm some good news.


As reported by 9to5Google, from October 1, Samsung has stopped advertising on Samsung Pay and Samsung Health. Samsung has technically only confirmed this change in its home country, but the changes can be seen in the US as well. The company announced that it would be removing the ads earlier this year. Prior to Friday, Samsung Pay placed banner ads on its Pay tab, which have now disappeared.


Samsung still shows a “Featured” section within the app on the “Home” tab that may include offers, but these aren’t the obvious ads shown earlier. Samsung Health has also been updated server-side to remove the banner ad that appears at the top of the app. While this section often highlights workout tips, it has also promoted products including Samsung’s smartwatches.


It seems that Samsung Weather has also stopped showing ads in its top banner, with the app now only showing temperature and forecast at the top of the app.