Such a worm entered the child’s brain, even the doctor could not save his life

A shocking case has come to light in Texas, USA. Here such an incident happened with a child who went to play in the park that he died within a few days. Actually, the child came in contact with the brain eating amoeba because of the splash pad. The amoeba entered the child’s brain through the nose or mouth, causing its death within 6 days.


Explain that due to lack of timely cleaning of sprinklers, fountains, nozzles and other water-sprays on splash pads in public parks, brain eating amoeba accumulates on it and harms people. If this Amoeba enters the body through the nose or mouth, then it can be fatal. According to the information, 95 percent of people who get infected with this brain eating amoeba die.


Officials in the Texas city of Arlington said the city and Tarrant County Public Health were notified on September 5 that a child who had been hospitalized with an infection with amoebic meningoencephalitis died during treatment.


Health officials started an investigation after learning about the child’s illness. Meanwhile, all public splash pads in Arlington are closed. Officials have confirmed the presence of amoeba in the water at the splash pad, Deputy City Manager Lemuel Randolph said, “Lack of regular cleaning of the splash pad was found. We could not meet the maintenance standards.