This is the world’s most expensive pigeon, knowing the price of which will fly away…

Kim often remains in the headlines due to her strange exploits. However, this time there are discussions of some other Kim, not the dictator of North Korea. This Kim is a two-year-old racing pigeon i.e. female pigeon, whose price is more than Rs 14 crore. Yes, for this racing pigeon, a huge bid of $ 19 lakh i.e. Rs 14 crore was made during an online auction. With this much money, you can buy many luxurious flats in metros.


The name of this pigeon is ‘New Kim’. This pigeon of Belgian species has been sold for Rs 14.14 crore. K’s rich sugar was bought during the auction held at the Pipa Pigeon Center in Halle, Belgium. Two Chinese citizens made bids to buy it. Both did not reveal their identities. Both of these Chinese nationals were bidding under the names of Super Duper and Hitman. Hitman first bid for New Kim, later Super Duper. Super Duper got this pigeon in his name by bidding for US $ 1.9 million i.e. Rs 14.14 crore.


Some people believe that these two Chinese citizens were the same man. The family was also present in this auction, which trains these pigeons in racing and flying fast. He deserves it by nurturing them. Gaston Van de Vuvar, 76, and his son raise racing pigeons. 445 pigeons came in this auction. A total of Rs 52.15 crore has been earned from pigeons and other birds sold in this auction.


Racing pigeons like the New Kim can live up to 15 years. They participate in races. Online betting is done on these pigeons. Nowadays, through these pigeons, the nobles of China and European countries increase their money manifold and also lose it. Different levels of races are organized in Europe and China. The amount of profit received from pigeons winning these races is divided among those who invest money on it.


Belgium had an army of 2.50 lakh racing pigeons during World War II. which was used for the exchange of information. Apart from this, a federation was formed with these pigeons, in which thousands of people were involved. Until about 50 years ago, pigeons were also trained to provide weather information in France and Spain. They used to bring weather information by flying far and wide. Weather information was recorded in the devices mounted on their feet.