Uttarakhand relying on these teachers doing leadership instead of teaching

Who among them is ready to show his track record of what kind of education he taught? These days, the discussion about the elections of the State Teachers Association, the organization of secondary teachers of the state, is in full swing.


It is an irony that other teachers organizations including this organization, which call themselves teachers’ organization, do not even have a distant connection with the issues related to education. Social media will be known by reading the posts of teacher leaders on these key issues transfer, promotion, pay employees who are they subject -btte issue simply I


curriculum, teacher organizations on issues related to education, including textbooks, curriculum and Their leaders remain silent. Every year textbooks are published late, but no teacher’s organization has ever agitated for it. Teacher organizations remain silent. Another serious question is, the language of teacher leaders who talk big on social media is often unsatisfactory. Grammar and quantity related mistakes have become common.are posted on the media.


Most of the memorandumsMost of the memorandums not only contain language mistakes, but the handwriting is also pathetic. The interesting thing is that the mistakes and handwriting of these memoranda given to the senior officers are ignored by the education officers themselves. It is given. If you look at the social media forums associated with teacher organizations, you will find that teacher leaders refrain from discussing important activities of the society. A government employee has come to be considered only.

Will teacher organizations and teacher leaders understand their role and bring education-related issues into the mainstream of debate? Will teacher leaders who claim to bring change in education be able to bring about change in themselves? This is a yaksha question, the answer to which probably no teacher leader has.