We saw the plane of aliens hundreds of times, the job goes on reporting it’, many pilots claim

Do aliens exist in this world or not? If there is an alien, where are they currently? Have you ever come to earth? Many such questions definitely come in everyone’s mind at once. Till date we have seen aliens in movies and heard in many tales and stories but no one knows what is the truth? In such a situation, now some pilots have disclosed about aliens that they have seen many times but do not tell anyone about it because it puts their job in danger.

A pilot says that once his colleague had seen a UFO and he also informed the higher officials about it. But later he advised my airline colleague to see the doctor. In such a situation, now when the UFO is seen, no one is told about it, till then concrete evidence is not found.

The pilot says that whenever we think of telling about a UFO or want to say it, then the higher officials think that we are only referring to the aliens. However this is not always the case. Sometimes pilots keep using the term UFO for aerial incidents. But whenever the word UFO comes out of the pilot’s mouth, people start telling him that either he is drunk or he has taken drugs.

In such a situation, these pilots have created an online platform to share information, a member of which says that many of his comrades have seen UFOs. Many times pilots tell their colleagues about this UFO to their colleague, but they never give official information or complain to the higher authorities. Sometimes you have witnesses so you can easily escape otherwise you may lose your job. However, the person who is at 37 thousand feet from the office window, then there are many benefits to him, so most pilots talk less about it.

Another pilot said that about 30 years ago he was flying a cargo jet from Singapore to Brisbane. During this he saw UFOs. It was around 2 o’clock local time and his colleague had asked Air Traffic Control if we saw any aircraft with us. In such a situation, his answer came whether or not. He could not see anything for a long time and then suddenly it disappeared.

Apart from this, the pilot of American Airlines also claimed that he had seen something moving in the cloud. During this, the pilot asked the Air Traffic Control whether we have some things you can see flying which is a cylindrical object and looks like a cruise missile. He said no. However, after a few days, the matter was completely calmed down.