You too can keep yourself young after the age of 30

Are you about to step into your 30s? If yes, then tie some important things related to skin care properly. Because at a young age, our skin does not require as much care as it is going to have now.

All these gradually push the face towards old age and you start looking older. So in such a situation, if you want to reduce wrinkles from the face, then you should avoid doing these things.

Rubbing too fast while washing the face rub too fast while washing the face

Some people, which causes tissue damage from inside. Injury to these tissues makes the face look more dry and cracked, due to which wrinkles start growing rapidly. Rub these faces gently with great gentleness. Try cleaning the face with cotton balls. At the same time, never wash the face with normal water, that is, neither too cold nor too hot. On the other hand, when cleaning dead cells, never use products with high pH.

Massages done to

People often improve blood circulation in the face. In such a situation, never get a massage with hard bleach. Also, avoid massaging with sharp and hard hands. These can lead to further wrinkles on the face. Therefore, massage the face with gentleness and with products with balance pH.

At the same time, avoid using bleach in excess. You can get a fruit scrub on your face instead. You can also do this fruit scrub at home. Firstly, it will deeply cleanse your face and secondly it will nourish it.