Do you know the Full From of SSL or What is SSL

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Today you are going to know the Full Form Of SSL What is SSL and how does it work? You also use the Internet in your daily routine and you learn something new from the Internet every day and you use the Internet for more work and today every less is online in which we also share our important information.

Like online shopping, filling out application forms, paying online, and signing in to a website like if you create a social media account. So you give your complete information, in the same way, you share your information every day for some work like your other type of website.

Would you not want that whatever information we share on the internet, such as debit card information, would you not want to keep it safe? Use it

Today, through this post, we are going to tell you about SSL, a secure connection to the online world, which you can keep secure in all the work you do online. So that no 3 people can see your information or misuse it. If you also have many such questions, then you stay with us till the end, today in this post you are going to get complete information about SSL.

Full Form Of SSL :

Full Form Of SSL “Secure Socket Layer” and its other name which is also known as TLS, whose full form is “Transport Layer Security”, it is a protocol to keep your website secure. To use this technology. With which we can keep all types of data on our website safe.

What is SSL?

Secure Socket Layer This is an encryption protocol that we use on the Internet, this protocol establishes a secure connection between the web server/website and the internet browser. Which the user uses in his website to keep his important information safe/exchanged in a secure way.

Today, millions of people use the Secure Socket Layer in their website, whether it is a shopping website or Govt. Website, social media, banking, etc. must have been seen everywhere, you must have seen the symbol of https and a lock in front of the URL of the website.

Where the information is shared online in the same way, an SSL certificate is used there so that you can protect your data from hackers, online transaction shopping information, card information, etc. can be kept safe.

How to know the website is secure?

The easiest way is that the website where the SSL certificate is used has Https instead of Http next to its domain name. In which S means secure/secure. And a lock icon appears from which a person can identify that SSL/TLS is used on this website. If you click on the icon of that lock, then you are shown “Connection Is Secure” Every website has a unique SSL connection.

Non Secure Website –

Secure Website – This means that your website is completely secure.

Secure Website using HTTPS

How does an SSL certificate work?

SSL certificate uses two types of keys, the first is the private key and the second is the public key, these two keys together make any kind of data of the user and use it securely.

Now let’s understand it in an easy way Mind you, if you want to buy any product online, then you open the browser of your mobile phone and type the name of any product in its address bar, then the browser connects your keyword to the server on which the information of that product SSL/TLS protocol is being used in that server.

So the user requests that website server with the help of the browser to give his identity, after that the server sends his SSL certificate along with a public key to the browser, after which the user checks the certificate of that website to get his important information / Share private information or not.

If the user starts feeling that he can share private data on this website, then sends a message to the server, then the server decrypts that encrypted message, after the server sends an acknowledgment to the browser that now SSL encryption starts with the user. can do. After this, the data is shared securely between the browser and the server. Which is completely private and which we can fully trust.

Types of SSL Certificate:

Types Of SSL Certificate You have just learned what would be an SSL certificate and how can we know the security of a website, let us now understand what kind of certificate is this – if you are also running any kind of website online then you should know about it. It should be so that you too can keep your website secure.

These certificates come at different prices, such as those who have a budget or as per their requirement, they can be taken as per their requirement.

Single domain SSL certificate

If you have a website then you can take single-domain SSL certificate, you will get it a little cheaper but it will work in only one domain, this certificate is not applicable in any subdomain like (Blog, Website) if you are a new blogger, you have just started for the purpose of learning, so it is best for you that you take a single domain certificate.

Multi domain SSL certificate

Multi Domain Certificate if you have one domain and it has different versions like there are many subdomains of the same domain, in that case, you can come towards this certificate.

Wild card SSL certificate

Wild Card Certificate This is applicable for both your single domain and multi-domain, it covers multiple domains in one root domain.

Organization SSL Certificate

If you have an organization, then you will need a certificate, it works in a single domain, but it authenticates the information of your organization, which makes the security of your domain more professional. If your e-commerce website is shopping, more online transactions are done in it, then you have to assure the user. In this hairstyle, you can go for the Organization Certificate.

Extended SSL Certificate

This certificate looks Extended, if you want to show the name of your company and the name of your Contrary means that you want to take a professional look, then this certificate is the best, this certificate is used by very big websites like Twitter, Amazon, Fluff Cart, etc. If you want to buy this certificate for a blog or website, then you can take a single domain or multi-domain certificate because it will cost you a little more than everyone.

How to get an SSL certificate from where?

SSL certificate is provided by many big companies like Hostgator, Goddy, Reseller Club, Hostinger, and there are many other types of companies that provide you this type of service. When you buy hosting from any company, that company also gives you the service of an SSL Certificate. Whose charge is taken separately and some company provides you the certificate for free on taking hosting.

If you have not taken an SSL certificate while buying hosting then you can also use this service for free Let’s Encrypt Flyer in which you can use only 1 website for free.

But my suggestion will be that you do not go for more free service or it is not completely safe, if you buy that service then you become even more secure.

Advantages of SSL Certificate

  1. All the information on your website is encrypted (especially converted into a cipher or code to prevent unauthorized access).
  2. It’s ranking in Google increases
  3. It becomes very difficult for the hacker (cannot hack)
  4. Shopping websites and E-Commerce Websites and Govt. It is very useful for websites where online payment is done by Govt. The site contains all kinds of personal information of the user, which is necessary to keep it secure.
  5. You can maintain the trust of your website among people.
  6. If you create a blog or website in Blogger, then you get a set that has to be turned on and it automatically converts from Http to Https and is completely free.

Disadvantages of SSL Certificates

  1. It is very expensive, although some companies also provide free services such as Let’s Encrypt and Cloud Flare is the most used sites.
  2. A technical problem if you want to buy from a website like Cloud Flyer or Let’ S Encrypt then you need a little technical knowledge if you have taken this certificate along with your hosting then you can install it in just 1 click Is.
  3. If you install an SSL certificate from any third-party website and you have made some kind of mistake then your traffic and search ranking get reduced.
  4. If you create a blog or website in Word Press, then you have to take this certificate.

What did you learn today

Friends, today you learned what is the full form of SSL, what is an SSL certificate, and what is its use in the world of the internet, hope you have liked this information or shared this post with your friends and what is your opinion about this post Please let me know and you can ask me any question you have.

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    • SSH is primarily used to secure remote access made to servers and devices (Tool – Putty).
      SSL is primarily used for securing web-based communication (Securing your Client and Server Communication from HTTP to HTTPS).


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