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Whenever we see any helpless poor, development of villages, old age ashram, orphanage, sexual harassment, etc., the name of the organization that comes first, we know it by the name NGO organization, do you know? What is the full form of NGO, what is NGO, and for what purpose it is? What are the functions of NGOs, today you will be given detailed information about NGOs in this article?

What is the Full Form Of NGO

The full fcompleteof NGO is “NON-Governmental Organization”, which is reflected in the name that iofO, to make it a group of at least 7 persons. You can set up an NGO. It is an organization that anyone can run.

What is NGO


NGO is an NGO, through these people who are not able to take benefits of government schemes, those backward people or areas can be developed which are run by some people, if you want to do social service, then you can become a Individuals can benefit by forming an NGO. Like the help of orphan children, social work for the society like Govt. Schemes are delivered to the people.

Its main job is to do welfare of the society, if you also want to work for your society, then you can also provide services to the people by building it. NGO cannot be run by any one person, it must have at least 7 people. Its main purpose is to serve the people and not to get profit.

History Of NGO

The creation of NGO is first considered in America since 1839, this organization became most popular with the establishment of the United Nations in 1945, because many such works are done in America which are very important for the government. These are run by the NGO Organization. Gradually it spread all over the world, and this organization is also providing services to the people in collaboration with the government.

Objective and Functions Of NGO

NGOs are run under some of their missions like –

  1. To solve social problems
  2. Emphasizing the development of backward areas
  3. Contributing to the development of the agriculture sector
  4. In the field of education
  5. In the field of health
  6. Efforts to reduce sexual harassment
  7. Right to Equality
  8. Right to Humanity
  9. Emphasis on Higher Education
  10. Helping Orphans
  11. Vridha Ashram
  12. Child Development
  13. Emphasis on the protection of the environment
  14. Promoting technical education among the people
  15. ProvEmployingmployment

In this way, you can create an NGO organization and give service to the people, and also earn a good name. So far we have learned for what kind of purpose NGO works, now you know how you can create an NGO.

How to make an NGO

If you also want to become an NGO (organization) and want to help people, then you cannot run it yourself, for this y,ou will need to involve at least 7 people. WhYouan also run by registering or without registering like this. The advantage of registering an NGO is that you also get financial assistance from the government, and you can also work with the government. If you do not want to work with the government, then you can run it yourself, there is no need to register it, there are about 2.5 lakh such NGOs in India which are not registered. All the NGOs in India come under the Central Society Act.

NGO Registration Process

To get you registered, first you have to make some land, witnesses, and a proposal made by your organization and you can apply for registration by going to the reregistrar’sffice. After that apply online or you can also get the form from that office which can be for applying offline. Fees may vary from city to city. In this you need affidavit, stamp, consent letter etc.

In this two people are the first settlor and the second trustee, if you want to get registered as trust then 2 people are required, and as Society / Non profit company If it is to be done then 7 people are required. And along with the stamp of Rs 20, affidavit, consent letter and authorization etc. have to be attached with the application form. On registering you as a society, you do not have to go through a long process, but the process of registering under the Company Act is very long.

NGO registration document

  1. Memorandum of Association
  2. Rules and Regulations
  3. article of Assessment Regulation
  4. Affidavit form Resident (Affidavit for Residence)
  5. Aadhar Card
  6. Voter ID
  7. PAN Card
  8. Residence Proof
  9. Registered Office Address
  10. Passport (Mandatory)
  11. Separate account for NGO (Separate Bank Account) donation

Types Of NGO

There are 3 types of NGOs in India, if you want to register an NGO, then you should know how many types of NGOs are there, and what is the difference between these three –

trust Act- If you want to get registered as a trust, then you have to get registered under the Indian Act 1882. It happens in different states of India, there should be 2 people in it.

Society Act – If you want to get registered as a society, then you can get registered under the Society Act. To get the institution registered under the Societies Act, it is necessary to have 7 members.

Non-Profit Company Act – If you want to get registered as a non-profit company, then you can register this organization under Section 8 of the Indian Company Act.

According to the task NGOs have a main mission, and many NGOs are created for only one mission, which contributes only in their field, as you can see below –

Engo – Environmental NGO
Bingo – Business Friendly
Quango – Quasi- Autonomous Ngo
Gongo – Government – Organized Non- Governmental Organization
Ingo – International ngo

How NGO gets fund donation

It is a very important point that you have created an NGO organization but for this funds are required, without which it becomes difficult to do any kind of work, so let us tell you from where you can deposit money.

Create organization website

This is a very simple way to collect funds, any person can donate money to your trust from anyone, for this you have to build a website in the name of your organization which becomes easy to collect donations, in this you have to Can be made and given in 5-10 thousand rupees.

Keep Programs

By keeping the program, you can also submit donation by calling an actor, politician, or business man and requesting for funding.


Funds can also be collected with the help of advertising, you can advertise on the newspaper on TV, in the name of your organization and you can also advertise to Google, which gives you more chances, the present time to collect donations is complete. The whole world is in the hands of Google, today Google is available only on Google.

Create youtube channel

Create a channel on Youtube and upload a video about it whenever you help someone there, which will also promote your trust and by being happy with your work, you can also give donation to your trust, and with digital India. There is a need to come, when you come online, more and more people will know you and your trust.


You can get an article published on the newspaper about your trust, so that more and more people will be able to connect about your trust, people can connect with you on promotion.

Government Aid

If you have registered your trust, then you can help the government for funding, works together with the government registered trust, and you can easily reach the government’s schemes with the government. .

Private Company

For financial assistance, you can also take help from a private company, there are many government companies which also work in collaboration with the NGO organization.

I am going to give you information about some such organizations working in India, you can learn something about them by looking at their website. That’s how they work, seeing the way they work, you can apply in your trust.

Some of the Best NGO in India

Help Age India This is India’s oldest and popular NGO, it is the oldest NGO, it was formed in 1978, it was created to help the elderly in the country, now or the organization is helping them for years, which has been awarded with many awards. has also been awarded. website : www.helpageindia.org

CRY – This organization provides facilities such as education, health, food etc. to bring forth the rights and problems of children in the country, it was formed in the year 1979 and its head office is located in Mumbai, it is currently in some cities of the country. 5-6 branches have been opened Website: www.cry.org

Samman Foundation Samman Foundation It was created to empower those people who are living below the poverty line, created to provide employment opportunities for them, this organization is located in Patna. Website: www.sammaann.org

Goonj Limited This organization was started in the year 1999 by journalist Anshu Gupta whose main motive could be to meet the basic requirement of their clothes for the poor, its headquarter is in Delhi Website: www.goonj.org

Sargam Sanstha The purpose of this organization is to help the weaker sections of the people deprived of social services to move forward in the country. website: www.sargamsanstha.com

Smile Foundation It was created to improve the problems related to education and health of small children in the country and it is the most popular institution in this area, its headquarter is located in Delhi, it was established in 2002.

Give india It is one of the top 10 non-governmental organizations in India, it was established in the year 1999, it is an NGO that is bringing in funding of other NGOs in its welfare work, it collects donations and funds at the global level. does. Its headquarter is in Mumbai. Website: www.giveindia.org

By visiting the websites of these organizations, you can serve the people by opening a good organization by taking information from their website.

essentials Whenever you create an NGO, remember that do not let any kind of greed come into your mind, and if you do your work properly, then you also have a good name in society and are covered in the hearts of the people. There are very few people in the world who live in the hearts of people.

You work in unity with your team and work diligently, it is difficult to do any good work, but you should complete your work with determination. And in the end, it is my best wishes that you build a good organization and give your services with the right dungeon. Hope you will do something new for society.

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